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    Need help on razor sharp sharpening wheels

    Recently I just ordered a set of 8" deluxe sharpening wheels from razor sharp on eBay. I don't have a buffer and I was wondering what one to get I found a 6" and a 8" buffer on harbor freight and I've seen people use them both and I was wondering would they both work and if so witch one would be...
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    Kydex press foam

    Heys guys, so i need to replace my foam in my knifekits press (small 85$ version) i was gonna order it but then I realized there are alot of different types of foam. What type do u guys use and recommend (i want best definition in my sheaths of course) Thanks!
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    1x72 scalloped j flex belts

    Hey guys, So the other day i was looking at Instagram and i came across a guy using these 1x72 scalloped belts on a slak platten (flat platten with the platten removed) on a 2x72 grinder. He was using it to contour the knife handle he was making and he said there good for getting in the handles...
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    Need help first time with wood.

    So im gonna start this off saying I only used g10 and carbon fiber (micarta once) and im making a hunting knife using some desert iron wood burl i got from usa knife makers. I talked to tracy at the hammer in and got alot of helpful tips. I just wanted to post here and see if anyone has any...
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    Propane forge build or buy

    Hey im back at it with another post. I am wondering if I should buy a propane Forge or build one. I looked online and on forms there are a lot of mixed opinions. If I were to build one I would probably do a forced air burner forge because of the simplicity and heat. I looked up forges and I like...
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    Need help on forge

    Hey guys recently ive been testing my forge and it doesn't get hot enough to forge weld. I don't have alot of money after my welder purchase so im gonna make a forge I want to make one that's square like the diamond back 2 burner knife maker/welding forge. I haven't really saw info on them only...
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    Need help on hydraulic press

    Hey I recently picked up this hydraulic cylinder 4 inch bore 18 inch reach and 1.5 inch rod coming out would it work for a forging press
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    Logo marking help needed!

    Hey guys so ive been making knives for a while just started marking my logo and i just cant get it right its fading and I can't get it right. Anyone else experienced it all help appreciated!
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    Stropping compound

    What is a good stroping compound i go up to 800 grit before my leather belt on my 1x30 grinder? Is it more a compound or rouge. Help very appreciated! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Help on pivot

    Hey guys im getting in to folders and i have a good friction folder design but i dont know how to recess the aks pivots. I know for some pivots people use 5/16 counter bores but i dont know what size for the aks pivots? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Grinding help needed plz!

    I know i asked this before but i need some more answers. So when i grind with free hand or with a jig the part closest to the handle is low then it goes up up till it hits 2 inches away then it gets lower after 2 inches from the plunge cut. And with the edge the part closest to the handle the...
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    Need help

    Recently I ordered a ti boker kwaiken and I want to pimp it ( anodize and mabye some file work) you guys have any ideas and I know that the liners pocket clip and screws are stainless steel I never anodizing it so if someone could tell me how to do it that would be awesome Sent from my iPhone...
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    Need help on buffer

    i have a gift card on amazon and i was looking for a buffer anyone know any good ones on amazon because it would suck to have another piece of junk in the shop:3:
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    Gonna build first liner lock or frame lock need help with parts

    I don't know if I should make a liner or frame lock. I don't have a milling machine. So I don't know if I should use a Drexel to cut out lockbar. I don't know all the parts I need but I have a start: 3/16 pivot (don'tt know what kind of pivot like a pivot barrel?) 1/8 pivot for stop pin (still...