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    Father's Day Sale on Knifemaking Books

    Father's Day is coming soon, and so for the first time since publication, I am putting my books on sale. Knifemaking Hacks is over 300 pages of knifemaking tips and tricks, with over 100 professional photos of some of the best knives in the world. This book is perfect for knifemakers and...
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    Harpoon and Hamon, take two.

    I finished this bowie nearly two weeks ago, but wasn't satisfied with it. There were some fit issues that showed up after glue-up that weren't there on the final dry fits. Also there were some guard issues I wanted to fix, so I busted it up. Took it back apart and re-shaped the guard and...
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    Forged dagger

    I haven't done a dagger since 2015, but I figured there's no time like the present. This piece is forged from some of Aldo's early Schrade 1084, with a milled fuller. Fittings are 416, and the handle is mammoth ivory. I built this one takedown, to facilitate potential future engraving. I'll...
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    Gidgee and 5160 Hunter

    Been forging some more lately in preparation for Blade Show. Here's one I forged from some 5160 that I got from Forged in Fire. The handle is a piece of gidgee I've been saving at least 6 years waiting on this particular set of knives. Fittings are 416.
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    Knifemakers Guild updates

    Happy to announce a few things that happened at the ICCE show this weekend with regard to the Knifemakers Guild. Board member elections were held at a business meeting Friday morning. Todd Begg was elected president, replacing Gene Baskett. Gary Langley was elected VP, replacing Wayne...
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    "Cattle Drive" Bowie for ICCE

    Two years ago at the last ICCE, Alice Carter and I hatched a plan for a special knife. We've had it done for a while, but are finally glad to announce it will be presented at ICCE this year. Some of y'all know I like historical elements in my work. This knife is full of history and tells a...
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    Texas Independence Bowie for ICCE

    Today is Texas Independence Day, and a fitting occasion to finish this knife project. When I say I am patriotic, be clear that my loyalty is to Texas first. I’ll summarize the knife here, although there is more detail in the WIP thread in Shop Talk over on that "other" forum. All of these...
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    Big oosik bowie for ICCE

    I've been working a bit on a big bowie that will be ready for ICCE in Fort worth. The steel is some W2 that I got from my fellow Forged in Fire competitor Rob Singleton, clay quenched for a good hamon. The oosik was my door prize at the last ICCE in Kansas City, and I've been waiting on a big...
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    Forged in Fire, whiskey, and Gil Hibben

    Quite a while back I got the idea for a knife based off of my Forged in Fire episode. I used some W2 from my fellow competitor Rob Singleton. I was able to get a white oak whiskey barrel lid from Linda Hibben, the legendary Gil Hibben’s wife. I also had parts of the busted Qinglong Ji from...
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    New Book: Knifemaking Hacks

    Folks, glad to announce that my new book, Knifemaking Hacks, is finally ready! The book features 384 knifemaking tips and over 100 professional pictures of some of the best knives in the world. They're available autographed from me directly, at and are also...
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    A run of slipjoints

    I've been pushing my limits on damascus and forging, but then I got a Christmas order for three folding knives. Since I'm doing three, figured I might as well do some more. Right about the time I was ready to work on them, one of my kids tested positive for Covid, so I got a bit of time off...
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    A Damascus hunter

    Custom order for Jim, who was very particular about what he wanted. Damascus, stainless bolsters, and amboyna. I did a 140 layer ladder, but it stretched out a little far in the forging. Still an interesting pattern.
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    New Book Coming Soon: Next Level Knifemaking

    Howdy folks. I just got my PDF layout proof for the upcoming book I edited, Next Level Knifemaking. Knifedogs' own Tracy Mickley has a chapter, as does Kd regular Ed Caffrey. I edited, plus contributed 5 chapters. Other chapters by Jim Cooper, Lin Rhea, Nathan Carothers, Bob Ohlemann, Salem...
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    Texas History: San Jacinto, Sea of Mud

    I've mostly posted this in other places, but thought I'd show off the final product over here. This knife has a bunch of cool history. The blade is 1836 layer Damascus, after the year of Texas' independence. The blade contains nails from the house of Madam Powell, where the Mexican army...
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    Mammoth tooth EDC

    In between working on Damascus and bowies, I do some stock removal knives. This one is D2 steel with mirror polished and dovetailed 416 bolsters that cradle a nice set of mammoth tooth scales. OAL is 7 3/8" with a 3 1/4" blade.
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    Knife #666- canister damascus subhilt

    This is my 666th knife. It's the first one I've finished out of canister Damascus, the "trashcan" or "fossil" variety made of billet ends and scraps with powder. It's also the first subhilt I've done. Fittings are the same fossil Damascus billet as the blade, and the handle is gidgee. Top...
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    Historical relics in Damascus

    Finally finished a billet I've worked five days on over the past 6 weeks. Started out with some nails and a couple other relics from San Jacinto, shortly after the battle in 1836 where Texas won its independence. After soaking them in vinegar for a few days, then brushing off the rust, I...
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    Historic Wagon Bowie

    I have this bowie available. The blade of this knife is made of wrought iron wagon wheel laminated over 1084 carbon steel. The wheel is from my grandmother's grandfather from Spicewood, Tx. The blade is 9 3/4" and the overall length is 15 3/4." The guard is wagon wheel wrought iron from Vega...
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    Carbon Fiber and 154CM slipjoint

    I've got this one for sale, carbon fiber and 154CM. $300, zipper case. The blade is hollow ground for a fine edge. This one will slice! Swedged clip point and a classic "long pull" with a bronze and stainless "birdseye" pivot on a carbon fiber handles and mill-relieved stainless liners...
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    Wagon Bowie- history and performance

    I just finished up this knife that features wagon themed historical material. The blade is wrought iron wagon wheel and 1084 san mai. The wrought is from my grandmother's grandfather's wagon out of Spicewood, Tx. The guard is wagon wheel from Vega, TX. The spacer is an 1836 half dollar, to...