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  1. Kevin Zito

    Two Unfinished - better pics

    Theses are unfinished, shameless direct copies (with permission) of @J. Doyle ’s patch knives. Both blades are 154 cm, and both handles are desert ironwood. I put a small amount of file work on the spines of each knife to add a little bling and to provide some extra grip as well. The darker...
  2. Kevin Zito

    A Hunter, a Boner, and a Chef Don’t Walk into a Bar

    I recently finished these 3 along with a sheath for the hunting knife. The boning knife and the kitchen knife are roughly 6”(blades), and the hunter is 4.1”. Handles on kitchen knives are DIW, the hunter has a stabilized walnut handle. All wood is from @Gene Kimmi. The unsharpened edges are...
  3. Kevin Zito

    To the person who ...

    wins 2021 KD award for small fixed blade of the year.... I will donate $50 to their bank account. Z Edit: I’m sure there’s a rule against this, so I’m sorry about breaking it. Lol Edit: I would love to do way more, but I’m poor-ish. However, if someone wanted to donate a couple dollars or...
  4. Kevin Zito

    Can Leather Be Sanded

    Has anyone ever tried to sand leather? Can it be brought back to a non-suede state buy working through the grits? Z
  5. Kevin Zito


    How’s everyone doing? Been missing y’all!
  6. Kevin Zito

    Christmas Present from Owl

    Wow! Owl, you nailed it!!! 3 amazing DIW blocks, a Blackwood block, and 4 sets of scales (2 presentation grade DIW and 2 micarta). He topped it all off with a VERY NICE center scribe. I love the design, and hat the one that I currently use. This is truly a super useful set of gifts that I can’t...
  7. Kevin Zito

    Shaft/Bearing question

    If a shaft is .620, would a 15mm ID bearing be acceptable? I’ve also seen “6202” bearings... are these the right ones to use? Thanks
  8. Kevin Zito

    Rare Earth Magnet Source

    Does anyone have any experience with rare earth magnets? Are all N52’s created alike? Same quality? Are certain companies/brands better than others? thanks. z
  9. Kevin Zito

    Epoxy Pump

    How do I pump epoxy into things like mosaic pins and handle holes? Thanks
  10. Kevin Zito

    Handle Contouring

    Can anyone offer any advice, tips, video resources, ... etc on properly contouring a handle? Thanks in advance.
  11. Kevin Zito

    Kevin Zito - KITH 2019 Bowie WIP

    First pics!! Lol In all seriousness though, I think I’m going to go with the design below. Critique, insult, bash... etc. thanks for looking. z
  12. Kevin Zito

    Junk Knives

    A student brought me a straight razor that he purchased at a local knife show. He asked me if I could get it sharp. It was made by a Louisiana maker, and the fit and finish of the razor is pretty darn good. However, the blade is NOT HARD.... not even close. It is soft throughout the entire...
  13. Kevin Zito


    So this one will be the third wippish type deal lol. I’m going to try to finish up this one with the other two. It’s 154 cm, 1/8 ish at the spine, 8.5 in OAL, 4 in blade. I’m going to taper the tang, fix the bump in the belly of the handle and clean/make choils. I’m also not fully done with the...
  14. Kevin Zito

    Hunter WIPish

    Might end up in the garbage but here goes. .156 stock 154 cm, 9 in OAL. I put a swedge on this one as well. I need to thin out the belly of the handle a bit. Critique and advice always welcome. This knife is far from done. Thanks for looking, z.T
  15. Kevin Zito

    So Close with Pics

    I’m almost satisfied enough with this one to finish it out. It is 154 cm steel ... 9 inch oal... 4.75 ish inch blade.... hollow ground with false edge at the top. Spine is .150 inch. I’m still not quite happy with my skills especially when it comes to the grind line. I’m doing it all freehand...
  16. Kevin Zito

    Work Rest for Contact Wheel (1.25 Inch Tool Arm)

    Any recommendations???
  17. Kevin Zito

    Update?, Knife Pics?, Am I Alive? Lol

    I have attempted to type something right here for months. Nothing comes out right. So I can only really say the following. It’s gonna sound weird probably lol. I’m grinding. I’m grinding all the time. It’s the only thing I do. As for the pics... they’re coming, I promise... just not quite ready...
  18. Kevin Zito

    File to Razor 99.9% Complete

    Almost done with this one... I think lol. I have ZERO idea what a “great straight razor” is really is supposed to be. I’ve googled it some, but this project was more about me playing around and getting to know my grinder. I have already posted pics of the razor in another thread; however, I’ve...
  19. Kevin Zito

    Critique Please

    Something is off here I think. I’m trying to design a somewhat original hunter/skinner. Is the handle too short? Blade too long or too wide? It’s a very rough sketch at this point. Please critique and let me know. Thanks for looking! Z
  20. Kevin Zito

    Buck 110 Project

    A friend of mine asked me to “clean up” his uncle’s 40 ish yr old Buck 110. The uncle passed away back in the 80’s, and my buddy wants to give the knife to his dad for his birthday. One issue that I had with the project was the fact that the uncle had carved his name and initials into the...