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  1. Kevin Zito

    End consumer best sharpening solution?

    Spiderco triangle sharpener … it’s super easy for goofballs.
  2. Kevin Zito

    Liner lock folder with nice Koa

  3. Kevin Zito

    Hunter w/ Amboyna Burl & French Patina

    Normally I’m not a huge fan of the French patina, but in this case it matches (flows) beautifully into the other pieces. Awesome knife!
  4. Kevin Zito

    Damascus & ironwood folder

  5. Kevin Zito

    Micro gunstock folder

    I especially like that book matched ti. Hehe
  6. Kevin Zito

    Micro gunstock folder

    Love love love it! As always!!!
  7. Kevin Zito

    First impressions on the Cowboy Outlaw Sewing Machine

    That’s straight as an dude that’s awesome! And NO punching holes?!? Wow! That’s clean clean!
  8. Kevin Zito

    First impressions on the Cowboy Outlaw Sewing Machine

    I second this. Good writeup. Do you have to do any punching or drilling or just sew? Whenever you get a chance, and if you don’t mind, do a simple straight stitch on some scrap and post a pic please. I’m dying to see what the stitches look like. I’m sure it’s like everything else and you better...
  9. Kevin Zito

    What wood is this?

    Definitely DIW lol!!!
  10. Kevin Zito

    What wood is this?

    Gotcha. I’m coming... I have a buddy that just jumped in whole hog... fancy kmg and all. I think he is VERY interested in a beginner class. sorry to hijack a thread here
  11. Kevin Zito

    What wood is this?

    How can you tell the difference between the DIW and the rosewood (wood on cowboy Bowie)? To me they look almost the same. Either way, I love both, but would like to be able to spot the difference. @Chris Railey, beautiful wood for sure.
  12. Kevin Zito

    Forged dagger

    Gotcha. Thanks. I think I see what you did.
  13. Kevin Zito

    Forged dagger

    Hey, Jason. I’ve really been attracted to this sort of handle design fo a while. If it’s ok to ask, can you show a pic of the knife in taken-down form? Thanks, Kevin.
  14. Kevin Zito

    Never thought it would make much difference...

    Chris, I also noticed a big difference when I changed to a better backer for my flats. However, the biggest improvement I saw was when I tremendously decreased the amount of pressure I was using. <- that was the biggest game changer hands down. EVERYTHING got cleaner, crisper, and straighter...
  15. Kevin Zito

    Grit size pre ht

    Lol, by the way, I knew you were asking the other @Kevin R. Cashen. I call him the other Kevin in knife making. Pahahaha no seriously I do NOT call you that, sir. Lol
  16. Kevin Zito

    Bought a surface grinder

    That thing is amazing! When you opened that door, I thought there was gonna be a person in there to drive it. I wouldn’t even know where to begin.[/MEDIA]
  17. Kevin Zito

    Bought a surface grinder

    Wow! My wife would kill me. That thing is incredible. We need a video.
  18. Kevin Zito

    Something from the past

    Interesting indeed. When I first glanced at it , I thought it was a handle made from PVC pipe lol. No sheaths?
  19. Kevin Zito

    Gator Country Tanto

    Yes, I’d second what @Bruce McLeish said. Very clean and I like your take on the tanto. Sheath is also nice. Great job!