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    Hello Everyone, Awards were shipped out on Monday. Keep your eye out for them.
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    Auction - Hurricane Help - Justin Presson Knife

    Winner is Richard Mitten for $250. Thank you all for your bids!
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    USA Knife Making

    We are currently switching over to a new server and doing some upgrades to our system. In the meantime you can try this link: If you are still having issues please contact us by phone 507-720-6063
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    Support for Houston area knife makers - Seeking donations, info

    Thanks to Steve Shackleford and the Blade Magazine for helping get the word out! See article click
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    Hello from northeast Minnesota

    Glad you enjoyed it Jess
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    Haley DesRosiers, MS ~ ALEVIN

    That is an Outstanding knife. I really like that knife.
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    EDC gentelmen's carry kits

    That is some awesome work. I really like the set in the first picture.
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    How do you grind?

    I know you see everything BossDog!:cool:
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    Welcome to our new forum Texas Knifemakers' Guild!! Come say hi!! Beth