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    Pivot length.

    I do a slightly different way. First put some marker or layout dye on the pivot to mark the length I am aiming for. Then take some scrap steel and drill a hole to match the pivot size. This then lets me lay the scarp steel against the flat platten pretty square and put pressure on the pivot to...
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    Framelock flipper

    The pivot on this one has a screw from each side but yes I did also need to shorten the length. It is pretty rare that you get a pivot just the right length out of the box. If you shorten a pivot once your close on the grinder I like to use the pivot lap that USA knifemaker sells.
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    Framelock flipper

    Thanks you very much!
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    Framelock flipper

    Ah so it isn’t just me that has been scouring the market for cracked mud knives! Nitro-v is pretty much a slightly tougher version of AEB-L. I expect it to be very good for the everyday cutting tasks this knife will see.
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    Framelock flipper

    Here are some pics of my latest framelock. Titanium scale has had a milled pattern that was inspired initially by cracked mud - I’m not sure it looks like it now but it is pretty fun. A simple sand blast finish on Ti always looks good in my opinion. The back spacer is orange G10. Runs on...
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    Personalizer Plus, Rise & Fall Indicator, Tap Guide, Edge Scribe, Pivot Lap For Sale

    Would you consider postage outside of US? I am in Australia and interested in the rise and fall indicator.
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    Liner lock folder with nice Koa

    That is such a great knife! Absolutely stunning For the thumb hole I assume this is done wth a ball end mill? If so can you plunge into the work with the tool or do you need to use a slot drill first and then round the slot using the ball end mill after? I am about to cut a small groove in one...
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    Finally Finished My First Framelock

    Well done! If I were to suggest potential changes to the next one I would probably take the grind a little higher and bring the plung line back toward the handle slightly. I would also thin the flipper tab a little so it is not protruding back into the handle quite as much where your index...
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    New Book: Knifemaking Hacks

    Any news on getting this book into Australia Jason?
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    What kind of folder are you thinking? Locking or non-locking, any preferance?
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    Refractory cement in kiln build

    Thanks guys, I will go ahead and use a very thin layer.
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    Detent Ball Flattening

    A LOT of great info in this thread - thanks for sharing your experience Ed!
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    Refractory cement in kiln build

    I am making my HT oven at the moment and have a question on refractory cement. Basically should I cement (mortar really) my bricks together or leaves them as a dry stack? I am using K23 bricks and have an appropriate high temp refractory cement but I have not found if I should actually use it or...
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    Denim micarta framelock

    Thanks guys. Lock up is solid at about 40%.
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    Denim micarta framelock

    Hey guys here are a few pics of my latest framelock. I am happy with how this one came out and is the first time I have used a bushing setup for the pivot. It was nice to be able to turn up the bushing on the lathe and if I can ever get around to making my own screws I will be able to make just...
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    What's going on in your shop?

    That looks fantastic John. I’ve been thinking of a similar kind of thing but you have come up with a nicer version than any of my drawings so far! Please post plenty of pics of this one!
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    New folder- light, slim design

    It’s a real beauty! Thank you very much for sharing this.
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    What's going on in your shop?

    I’ve been working on a couple of framelocks. Here is one that is getting close.
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    Benchtop sand blaster

    Great advice Ed thank you. I’ve already noted I need to upgrade my compressor.
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    Benchtop sand blaster

    I need to upgrade my very low tech sand blasting. I know there are some cheap benchtop sand blast cabinets around like what you guys get at HF. Is there anything that is a step up in quality without being crazy expensive? I am using for folders so small size is good (takes up less room)...