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  1. Kayakersteve

    Cutting video - Damascus Sword

    Trying out new sword that I made with latest hilt configuration
  2. Kayakersteve

    Union Forge - 60 layer pattern welded swordtt

    ~60 layers with raindrop pattern - Steel is 1084/15n20 - Iheat treated. Specs: 24" cutting edge 31" overall Gaurd is twisted steel (1095/15n20) Pommel is stacked steel (1095/15n20) Handle is oak wrapped / glued black leather Spacers are aluminum
  3. Kayakersteve

    33ton log splitter converted to hydraulic press for Damascus

    Here is my setup...been using for 2-3 years and has worked very well. Made over 20 billets with no issues. Hope you enjoy. Video at end! . 1st heat 2nd heat 3rd heat 4th heat - ready to draw to length.
  4. Kayakersteve

    Damascus Drop Point Hunter

    Damascus made by me with raindrop type pattern and 15n20 core. Billet also has 1084 and 1095. Sales are native oak salvage rom old harness in my families barn. Thanks for looking!
  5. Kayakersteve

    Canister Weld failure - What might have been my mistake???

    Started with mild tube 3x3 Coated with white out - Added 1084 powder and 1/2" ball bearings - Pressed well and billet stayed separated from tube as planned. Looked so so when first out of canister, but was able to recover it or so I thought. As I began to draw out, it quickly became clear I...
  6. Kayakersteve

    Zombie Apocalypse

    I'm ready! Made this fun chopper from 5160 steel. Handle scales are Krinite from usaknife maker. OAL - 10"
  7. Kayakersteve

    Stout EDC knife - 90 layer Damascus

    This is my latest project from my shop - 90 layer pattern weld of 1095, 1084 and 15n20 - scales are spalted maple burl topped with tung oil - Stainless pins - Etched in ferric chloride. OAL - 6" Handle 2 7/8" Blade tip to sclaes 3 1/8"
  8. Kayakersteve

    1095 hunter dressed in snakewood

    Here is my latest - 1095 with snakewood scales - Stainless pins
  9. Kayakersteve

    Damascus Hunter - My 4th knife

    My progression with making my own billets is coming along. I now get very good welds and am focusing more on billet patterns, knife shape and grinding techniques. This latest is 267 layers of 1084, 1095 and 15N20. I sandwiched 3 layers of 15N20 in center of billet for contrast. Scales are...
  10. Kayakersteve

    Handle file work question

    When filing a design into the tang of a knife, does the epoxy for the scales fill the voids made by filing? In this photo, the black area that has been filed looks like epoxy?? If so, do people color/dye it? Note ... To give credit for photo. Was taken from Rocket a Knives and can give link...
  11. Kayakersteve

    WIP - Damascus kitchen knife

    66 layer billet (1095, 1084, 15n20) with my first attempt at ladder pattern. Will hopefully be used as kitchen knife.