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  1. Lagrange


    On quite a few of the posts that I have looked at I am unable to see the pictures that were posted. In fact there is no indication that a picture was ever posted other than a mention by the poster and comments by others. Now, it been quite a while since I have visited the forum, but after a...
  2. Lagrange

    Knife and hawk sheath set

    Just thought I would share this. I made this knife and hawk sheath set for a man in Mobile Alabama. I did not make the knife or the hawk. Thanks for looking.
  3. Lagrange

    Marble or granite

    I have been looking for a source locally to buy a large marble or granite block. I know some of you use them so I was wondering if anyone could help me find a supplier. I am thinking about going to the headstone guys...but I dont think they cut their stones to size - could be wrong. Help...?
  4. Lagrange

    Swage - it?

    I have done a couple of knives (dont know the exact count) with a swage, but I have never felt real good about how they turned out. Has anyone got any tips or tricks, or perhaps a turtorial of some kind on how it is done? I could sure use a few pointers....
  5. Lagrange

    Burl Poachers targeting California's redwoods to feed drug habits

    See full story... If the link doesnt work, copy and paste it to your browser. ------------- This bothers me.
  6. Lagrange

    I could really use your prayers

    Yesterday morning my mother went to be with the Lord.
  7. Lagrange


    I just wanted to say thank you Knifedogs community for being such a kind and caring group. ...yesterday I was taking some pretty strong pain killers and may have said something that offended someone. I hope not. I edited this post, and apologize for it's previous content, while possibly not...
  8. Lagrange

    Recently completed.....

    Finished this up this week. Western rattler inlay...customer provided Kbar knife.
  9. Lagrange

    First knife completed in a long time

    As many of you know I have a number of afflictions that have been slowing me down. However I have made a determined effort to fight through it and follow my passion. The greatest reward was seeing the face of the new owner who told me that I had not only met his requirements but that I had gone...
  10. Lagrange

    Electrical question

    I dont know if this is the proper location for this question (the moderators can move it if its wrong) I am setting up a room in my house to do my leather work. I also have computers and lights and printers, scanners, etc to set up. My problem is that there are only three outlets in the room...
  11. Lagrange

    Corby help

    I bought some corby's from Boss to make some smaller knives thinking they would be the ticket. Funny thing is, I can't figure out how to drill the handle material out for them. Can anyone tell me what they use to make the holes to use these. They have a .185 head and a .135 shaft.
  12. Lagrange

    Case hardening

    Can someone advise me or point me in the direction of information concerning color case hardening. I'm interested in trying to do some parts here in my shop if its possible.
  13. Lagrange

    Alittle help with a unique request...

    I recently had a prospective customer ask me about making a knife using a wild turkey leg for the handle. He explained that the spur could serve as a finger guide. Personally, I cant imagine a knife like this, but if you have seen something like this, or have made something like this, or have an...
  14. Lagrange

    Looking for camera recommendations...

    I'm looking for recommendations for a camera. I currently have a Canon powershot A590 8.0 MP camera, but I would love to upgrade to be able to get better pictures when shooting my knives. I am making a new light box and hope the addition of a better camera will help me get good pictures for...
  15. Lagrange

    Fundraising Knife

    I had a guy contact me today about building a knife to auction off for a fund raiser for a woman with cancer. He sent a news clipping outlining the womans plight and gave me his affiliation information as well as his personal contact information. I believe this guy is legitimate and the cause is...
  16. Lagrange

    Better late than never

    I made this knife last fall. I finished it on a friday night and took it to a local market the next morning and it was sold before I could put it on my table. In all the confusion I never got a picture of it. The guy who bought it sent me this picture this morning. I thought I would share it...
  17. Lagrange

    Leather working / knife making video's

    If you have a leather working or knife making video that you would like to get a little return on, or maybe you dont want to part with it but you could do without it for a couple weeks give me a shout. I would love to learn all I can.
  18. Lagrange

    Brotherhood is sweet

    Terry (aka kidterrico) and Wade Hougham pulled the nicest stunt on me any guy could ever hope to have pulled on them. Terry bought a sheath from me, sent it to Wade. Wade made a knife to fit it and then these two hopeless souls sent it to me as a gift. When I found out about this gesture I...
  19. Lagrange

    Thanks everybody

    I got this plaque in the mail today that says "Best New Maker" on it, from KnifeDogs! I just want to thank Tracey and his staff, and all of my brothers and sisters here in the pound. You guys have made this site a place to be, and to be proud of. The kindness and generosity I have experienced...
  20. Lagrange

    Wicked Edge ?

    I feel like I ought to be getting frequent flyer miles for riding the short bus so much, but here goes another example of my undying ineptitude. …and I know this horse has probably been rode to death and been buried. But I've got a brand new shovel and I'm going to dig this horse up and see if...