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  1. Ron Bendele

    Can't get to thread

    Whenever the Boss puts out a thread like this: A Blog can be what you want like your own Personal Web Site... by BossDog You can view the page at I can't get to the thread nor the link from my Google reader. Any other posts I can get...
  2. Ron Bendele

    MSC Hardness Tester question

    Hey folks, MSC has a Rockwell-type Hardness Tester on sale - $749 - down from $1225. Here is the link to it The sale is listed in the August 2010 Best Buys Metalworking catalog they just sent out. Two questions: 1. Is this a good...
  3. Ron Bendele

    Lapping pivot hole in blade

    In another thread Les Voorhies said: "If you're worried about your pivot hole being square, make sure your drill press is square and do the pivot hole smaller than the finished pivot will be, then after HT clean up the flats and then ream the pivot hole to final size and use a barrel lap with...
  4. Ron Bendele

    IKBS questions

    On the 'IKBS Making Of' page at they speak of using an optional washer. Does anyone use a washer? If you do, where do you get it and what size is it? On another thread Les Voorhies says to use the following counterbores: "1/8" pivots use 1/4" CB...
  5. Ron Bendele

    Hunt swap

    On another thread we were talking about gut hooks and I shared some experiences about alligator skinning. It got me to thinking about maybe swapping a hunt with someone - alligator for ?? We use a bow and arrows and/or a harpoon for the gators. What and how does everyone else hunt? If we...
  6. Ron Bendele

    Relief notch in Ti liners/frame folding knives

    I have some .100" 6AL-4V Ti that I am using for liners. I normally use .050" or .063" and don't need to cut a relief notch for the lock. I believe I will need to cut a relief notch for the thicker liner. What are you folks using to cut the notch with? I am thinking a round end mill, but what...
  7. Ron Bendele

    2 knives donated to US Navy

    Here are two knives that I just finished. I am donating these knives to the Instructor of the Year and the Sailor of the Year at the Surface Rescue Swimmer School, NAS Jacksonville, FL. The blades are convex ground 440C at 59RC. They have red vulcanized fiber liners sandwiched by the full tang...
  8. Ron Bendele

    Ron Bendele as Hog Wild! Custom Knives

    Hi, I make custom knives as Hog Wild! Custom Knives. Fixed knives - hunting, kitchen or fighter Folding knives - liner lock, both manual and spring assisted I hope to begin making frame lock and slip joint folders soon.