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    What are your favorite production folders?

    Old thread back from the dead but why wasn't CASE or Victorinox included??
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    What is the best knife for use around water?

    I would go with a Victorinox Pioneer. Should be all the knife you need.
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    What's your favorite production folder and why?

    My favorite is mt EDC a Case Large Stockman because it does everything I need a knife to do and I use it several times daily.
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    Hello from Arizona

    I joined awhile ago but never got around to saying hello. I've been traveling alot the last year so I haven't had much time for this. I'm a member of several other gun and knife boards so I thought I'd try this one too.
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    Folding Scandi

    I like it, great pouch!
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    My Knife Collection 1by1 [pic heavy]

    Great collection! I have a Puma 970 also #41272 that I bought right after I enlisted in the Army in 1972. Carried it just about evry day for the next 15 years. Still use it occassionally and it still looks great. Puma really hold up well.
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    Hey Where Do You Live ?

    Right now I'm in upstate New York on family business but will be heading back home to Maricopa, Arizona by the end of the summer. It's way too humid here for me
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    Thanks, Been out of town haven't checked in lately

    Thanks, Been out of town haven't checked in lately