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  1. wdtorque

    Big Thanks to Darrin

    All, Want to send out a big thank you to fellow knifedog Darrin Sanders. I've been messing with knives for years, many year. Finally decided to "get in the game" and make a few. No grand plans, just wanted to give it a go. Bought a 2x72 single speed, 1800rpm, and started grinding. 1084 flat...
  2. wdtorque

    Craddock Hunter

    Ordered a Hunter Got this It's nice to get lucky occasionally! Dozier Accuracy beats Speed
  3. wdtorque


    Just got a new knife from Mike Craddock and thought I'd share. He said it would be "different," and it is. Hope my pictures can do it justice,
  4. wdtorque

    Pirogue, Louisiana, Old time

    Old school, 1949, Louisiana Bayou Man handcrafting a traditional pirogue from cypress tree felling to finished pirogue. All hand tools from ax to spoke shave. Starts with the tree felling about 4:20 into the film. Worth a view if you have 15 min. Dozier...
  5. wdtorque

    Nice Pair

    Make by KD Mr. Billy Helton. I really like the way they look and feel in hand.
  6. wdtorque

    Randall Knife song

    Pretty neat song I think. Dozier
  7. wdtorque

    Silly Pet Photos

    They don't have to be dogs, but they do have to be real, a photo you or someone you know took. This is Callie, our 15 year old vizsla, sleeping on our 8 year old pit bull. Callie was going to be next to my wife, one way or Another! Alpha Dog!
  8. wdtorque

    HillBilly Heat Treating

    Do not try this at home. All demonstrations were performed by an experienced and highly trained individual.
  9. wdtorque

    Young Un

    I wanted a smaller unit with a sheath I could put in front or back pocket without getting jabbed in the gut. Blade under 3" by law. I choke up on it when I use it so have no issues. Handy little thing she is. Dozier
  10. wdtorque

    Not a Dog, but should be

    Thought I might be able to lure this maker over since we have the premier knife maker in Alabama frequent this site. I won't mention Robert Dark's name though. I anyone knows this guy tell him his work needs defending. Or a description at least. It might be one of his last knives he forged...
  11. wdtorque

    Nice Pair

    I got these from Mr. Helton before he became "published". I wanted to get a bowie too, he said he'd make me one as soon as I quit bothering him with phone calls. Guess I ain't gonna get a bowie? Blades are smashed steel from who knows where and the the wood is rotted hackberry that...
  12. wdtorque

    Summer Time, Where is it Nice ?

    Ok, most of us know where summers are rough. Where are they nice? Dozier
  13. wdtorque

    Black Locust

    I've got a couple of trees down that I'm told is black locust. It is yellowish with tight growth rings, 15-20 feet long and 6-12" in diameter. The trees have been down awhile, no branches on them and are HEAVY & DENSE. My neighbor's son was going to cut them up for firewood but gave up, too...
  14. wdtorque

    Hey Dawgs

    Glad I was introduced to this site by one of your members. Really have enjoyed seeing what I've seen so far. My dog, 14 1/2 year old Vizsla, I'm in love with her One of my favorite knives, made by a forum member from NC. My pic does not do it justice, a gorgeous blade that is fine A friend...