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    Spike Hawk .

    Hello Chris, I chucked a little at your statment "nothing fancy" and "plain thrower". While not as fancy as your Rail Clip Hawk this tomahawk is anything but plain. From the detailed leather work to the handle selection aand craftmanship of the bit this hawk is extraordinary. Love your...
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    Pinless/boltless Scales?

    Hello All, Thanks for all your help and information on how to. You all are probably right and Anza uses hidden pin to set there scales. KD has lots of great information and knowledge folks here I really appreciate your help and ideas. Kelley
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    Pinless/boltless Scales?

    I've seen Anza knives around and they don't appear to have pins or bolts to mechanically their scales to the tang. Does anyone know how this is done and how they hold up? Are they attached with some really good glue or a method not intuitively visible? Thanks, Kelley Ward...
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    Hello from Central Pa

    Hello and welcome to KD Jimmy, Kelley
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    Thanks for the great comments on the Kukri, the customer really liked it also. Kelley
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    Hello, Here is a Kukri finished up and sent off to a customer not long ago. The Kukri really makes a great chopping weapons and survival tools and this one is no exception. It was kept more or less traditional however we did make a few changes. The traditional handle has a ring section in...
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    Thanks for the Welcome in advance

    Hello Jim, Good to have you at KD. Kelley
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    Pale Horse Fighters

    Hello Paul, you make some great looking knives. Kelley
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    Good Day, Eh?

    Welcome Larry, Kelley
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    Re intro

    Hello Larry, Looking forward to hearing more from you. Kelley
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    Hello from California

    Hello and welcome to Knife Dogs. Kelley
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    My first 1095 diferentialy hardend blade.

    Nice temper line the hamon really came out well. Kelley
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    That New Guy

    Hello and its good to have you at KD. Look forward to hearing more from you. Kelley
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    Finally Getting around to saying hello.

    Hello Andrew, Welcome to Knife Dogs let us know how your knives come along. Kelley
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    Hello from NY

    Welcome to Knife Dogs. Kelley
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    Greetings from the Jersey Shore

    Welcome to KD. Kelley
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    Howdy From San Francisco

    Welcome to KD Kelley
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    Skinner Hawk

    Thanks, Kelley
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    Belated intro

    Hello Justin, You work is beautiful we are privileged to have you here a KD. Kelley
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    Mid-size service knife

    Hello Justin, This came together very nicely and looks like a great knife to have in the field, it'll do just about anything. Kelley