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  1. Bruce Bump

    Big Dog, small child

    Its about time to bring dogs back to Knifedogs! This is Ezra and Copper. Copper is the dog. I love this picture and had to show it off. [/URL][/IMG]
  2. Bruce Bump

    My Website is practically all new.

    If you've never seen my web page or even if you have seen it please check it out now. Our oldest son Brian Bump has taken it over and gave it some up to date features. The gallery is especially cool now. He wants me to put some more recent pictures of the shop inside and out and more...
  3. Bruce Bump

    The Coachman Pistol

    This is one I just finished for the ICCE "International Custom Cutlery Exposition" in Kansas City Missouri next weekend. I was asked to do a one hour presentation on "Cut N Shoots" for the American Bladesmith Society. Its cool they are accepting pistol/knife combinations or aka Cut N Shoot...
  4. Bruce Bump


    Just finishing up a dagger for export. This one was a challenge mostly because of the gold. Thats not brass guys thats 14 kt gold with nickel pins. The blade is some of my dual mosaic as are the quillions and pommel. The sheath is fiberglas with deer skin covering. The throat and tip is the only...
  5. Bruce Bump

    I'm teaching a Seminar on "Cut N Shoots" need ideas

    I was contacted by Steve Dunn about teaching a 1 hour seminar at the International Custom Cutlery Exposition "ICCE" in Kansas City Missouri this September. Ya,all come! OK heres the trouble, I'm not sure what to talk about. I need you guys to think for a minute and give me some subject matter...
  6. Bruce Bump

    Arabian Black Gold Bowie

    The last of the gold nugget bowies for awhile at least. This one is going to oil rich Saudi Arabia thus the name "Black Gold" It has minimum engraving so my money was better spend on gold inlays by Jere Davidson. cold rolled frame, spacers and guard. Culpepper amber stag scales held on with 6...
  7. Bruce Bump

    The Blue Fire Bowie

    Heres the freshest bowie from my shop. It has dual mosaic damascus, 1018 one piece frame handle, sambar amber dyed stag, Jere Davidson engraving with gold wire inlays, 24 kt gold plated spacer, gold pins and a Claude Scott elephant inlaid custom sheath. Forgot to mention the hot gun blue job.
  8. Bruce Bump

    Jesse James

    Jesse has been emailing me and asking about etching damascus to get some contrast. He has been forging for about 5 years now and has been developing a 1911 pistol made from his own damascus. This is the result. I would love to have this! I'm hoping to coax him on here to give some details of...
  9. Bruce Bump

    My Version of the Vertical Forge

    I've used a horizontal propane forge for many years and had issues with it. I still have it and wouldn't sell it but with 3 burners on top there are hot spots not to mention the floor is always contaminated with flux. I went to a vertical forge about 5 years ago. I made it myself from 16"...
  10. Bruce Bump

    The only show I plan to attend in 2015

    Its Monumental! The Knifemakers Guild and the American Bladesmith Society have come together and replaced their annual Knife Shows to create one "Super Show" to be held in Kansas City. "The International Cutler Exposition" ICCE will be held on September 18-20 at the Marriott Downtown in Kansas...
  11. Bruce Bump

    Thats not knife related

    No knives in these pictures. Just the cutest bird ever. I bought my wifie a conure for Mothers day and she has so much fun with it. I had no idea birds were so entertaining, this one loves to do anything we do. This is the "pond less waterfall" we made this summer for our backyard.
  12. Bruce Bump

    Model: Doctors Bowie

    W2 with hamon, forged 416 double guard, framed handle, rear bolsters, mammoth bark scales and Jere Davidson engraving. Thanks for looking
  13. Bruce Bump

    4" feather and stag trapper

    Heres the last slippie Its some of my last feather damascus stash and last of the amber stag too. I'm ready for cool weather so I can forge again.
  14. Bruce Bump

    Worlds Largest Truck

    We had to stop and get a picture. Its hard to imagine how big this truck is. There must be a really big mine in canada. It is permanately retired and on display along side the highway on our way to the Alberta Hammer-in.
  15. Bruce Bump

    Harley Chain My Way

    I can't stand it anymore, I've got to post a WIP on something. Our own KnifeDog Laurence sent me a Harley primary chain and wanted me to forge it into a billet. Actually he had a Harley drive chain but I knew from experience that it would give me trouble with all the chain lube, rust and dirt...
  16. Bruce Bump

    The No Rules Bowie

    The No Rules Bowie (new pics added) This is the last bowie I've made. I call it the No Rules Bowie because it doesn't follow any other bowie that I'm aware of in construction, size, sheath, guard ect. The blade is double mosaic and measures 16" long the entire knife is close to 21" long. The...
  17. Bruce Bump

    Help, my EvenHeat Oven is giving me trouble

    For some reason I can't program it. It just keeps going back to "FAIL" on the display. What is wrong with it?
  18. Bruce Bump

    Forge Welded Harley Chain Boot Knife

    Laurence got me fired up to forge some Harley primary chain so we each ordered one but while we waited for them to come in I found one of my old billets and cut out a small dagger style boot knife. This one only has one side as its a "true Boot Knife" and will easily fit inside against the leg...
  19. Bruce Bump

    D2, Muskox w/red liner and 416ss

    Here is one of my favorites and I had to show somebody. At 4" long closed I suppose it qualifies for a back pocket. The muskox scales are thin enough and highly polished so they are nearly translucent with the red liners.
  20. Bruce Bump

    North West Mosaic Hunter

    Here is a hunter that has some mosaic damascus I just couldn't cover up so I made undersized scales of amber dyed elk antler. The highly tooled sheath is from my friend Claude Scott. Thanks for looking