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    DDR Autos

    Here's a new DDR auto. It is the HTM Gunhammer 2. The release has a built in safety. you must push it forward and down to release the blade.
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    DDR Autos

    I picked up another Apogee recently. Darrel said there were very few damascus blades Apogees made, so I am glad to have received this.
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    My Knife Collection 1by1 [pic heavy]

    Nice. I really like the old SERE. I let mine go and regret it. A real monster of a knife, and as well mede as any I have ever handled.
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    Here are a few for you Les. :)
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    Brief history of the Black Knife

    Here is a little more on the Black Knife; an article sent to me a few years back by a Miller SEAL afficianado.
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    Rob Dalton old school

    Afraid not. It was at least 13 years ago when these two were made and tucked away in a mystery collection. Mine originally came to me quietly through a dealer. One aluminum handled piece showed up a few years ago, but no other Ti handled CQB7 has showed up (that I have seen).
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    Rob Dalton old school

    I sold it for over $500 and bought it back for the same amount. This is not an uncommon price for the real old limited quantity Daltons. This is a one of a kind; and there is one similar variant with a white macarta inlay and a recurve blade. The double ground tanto was pretty much unheard...
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    DDR Autos

    Smooth as silk.
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    DDR Autos

    Illusion release, the release looks like hardware. Compare the back of this manual release below to the two above with the illusion release.
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    Texas Trilogy

    OMG!!! Those are beautiful!!
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    DDR Autos

    Here are a few DDR autos. Some rather old, a couple new from Darrel in 2010. The Apogees are D/A's Apogees, 1 fancy, 1 plainish. Kraits Stinger 1 of 2, Chad Nichols damascus custom TAS, Chad's damascus.
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    Protech Brend's

    Beautiful pieces Scott. You have some awesome PT's in your stash!!
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    Rob Dalton old school

    This rare old ti handled Dalton CQB7 with a double ground tanto is headed back home to me. :)
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    Shop Dog

    My girl Mimi acting the shop dog at DDR's. :bud:
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    A few favorites

    Not too mnay Jack. These three below remain with me and my son has three that I passed on to him, a blue Dragon, Millennium proto and an LTC.
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    Just sayin' hey!!!

    Hi Chad, and I second Les on your damascus.
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    A few favorites

    I sure am lucky Brad. I don't think Rob made but a handfull of the daggers. So few have surfaced. I had to sell the first one. It only took me 5 years to find it. Then about 2 more years before this turned up in my hands.
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    A few favorites

    The top right one is Rob Dalton Gripper Dagger. What do you still have on hand Bill?
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    Lichtenfeld Collection

    Very nice collection.
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    vintage winchester collection

    YOW!!! Those are SWEET!