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  1. Kayakersteve

    New Girl, Danae from Aus.

    Danae - Very talented indeed!
  2. Kayakersteve

    Etching Damascus.

    Yes, the surface should be completely finished prior to etch
  3. Kayakersteve

    tomahawks metal questions

    Just starting out with heat treating, 1084 will be your lowest learning curve and makes a great knife - I assume this would be true for a tomahawk
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    tomahawks metal questions

    The biggest reason for your confusion is that you choose to use unknown steel. While a rule of thumb would indicate and old truck leaf is 5160, there are no guarantees. If you want to eliminate the confusion buy known steels from places like NJ Steel Baron that cater to knife makers. You...
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    KickStarter Discussion

    Wall e - he checked out a long time ago after nobody would give him money
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    Cutting video - Damascus Sword

    I use 33 ton press/log spltter
  7. Kayakersteve

    Cutting video - Damascus Sword

    Trying out new sword that I made with latest hilt configuration
  8. Kayakersteve

    Making your mark, etching vs stamping....

    I cold stamp - CMT tool is best IMHO
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    Union Forge - 60 layer pattern welded swordtt

    Hilt number 3 - I like this one best!! Take 3 done....
  10. Kayakersteve

    Stainless water qench?

    Just follow steel recommendation based on what you are using - They all have spec sheets
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    Union Forge - 60 layer pattern welded swordtt

    thank you - spend countless hours on billet and sword, then rushing the hilt didnt make sense
  12. Kayakersteve

    Union Forge - 60 layer pattern welded swordtt

    what it looks like now!
  13. Kayakersteve

    Union Forge - 60 layer pattern welded swordtt

    Changed the hilt....
  14. Kayakersteve

    Carbon steel

    Stainless steel and non-stainless steels used for knife making all have high carbon levels - Your are debating non-stainless versus stainless, I presume?
  15. Kayakersteve

    Question Etching Damascus

    vinegar is acetic acid, so you do have access to acid if you can get vinegar. Most use ferric chloride/vinegar mix here is USA. Search youtube as I recently saw a video on making ferric chloride. I'll post link if I can find it.. Here it is:
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    Union Forge - 60 layer pattern welded swordtt

    ~60 layers with raindrop pattern - Steel is 1084/15n20 - Iheat treated. Specs: 24" cutting edge 31" overall Gaurd is twisted steel (1095/15n20) Pommel is stacked steel (1095/15n20) Handle is oak wrapped / glued black leather Spacers are aluminum
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    My first fighter style blade

    Man, that looks really nice and aggressive. i would hate to be on the business side of that!
  18. Kayakersteve

    hang with me guys on tempering

    Just heat a piece of bar or stock and place in tank prior to doing quench - I usually have to do this 3 x to bring my oil up to 120
  19. Kayakersteve

    Am getting frazzled and feeling overwhelmed. Needing to vent and get a little feedbac

    For family and friends that want a knife, I tell them that if they want to come into my shop and work with me, we can make a knife together that they can have - I remind them that this will entail hours of their time to complete. Most never show up!