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    Serpentine Dagger

    Here's a pic of the serpentine dagger I finished recently. Blade is CPM154, mirror polished. Handle is dyed box elder burl, fluted and with sterling silver twisted wire wrap. Guard and pommel are nickel silver. This was my first fluted and wire wrapped handle.
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    Serpentine Dagger

    Hi Folks, I've always been fascinated by serpentine daggers, and I've wanted to try grinding one for years. Finally got a chance! It wasn't easy . . . . CPM154, hollow ground on a 3" wheel. Polished to 2000 grit, then further polished with crocus cloth. Nickel silver fittings, fluted...
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    Goblin II in orange G-10

    I have a Goblin II available in orange G-10 with an orange Kydex sheath. Steel is CPM154. The sheath is right-handed and set up for horizontal carry. The knife features a tapered tang with black spacers. Normally lists for $165, but I will let this one go for $140 with FREE shipping in the...
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    Shadow boot knife

    It's been a while since I posted something for sale here. This is a new model I designed some time ago and finally got a chance to make - the Shadow boot knife. 3 3/4" blade, 8 1/4" overall. CPM154 blade, blue and black G-10 scales. Sheath is right-handed and set up for cross draw carry. Belt...
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    Neck knife with orange G-10

    Ground from 1/8" stock, 5 1/2" overall with a 2 1/2" blade. This is a variation on my Goblin model. The three-finger grip handle is orange G-10. This particular knife has a tapered tang, which will not be a standard feature on this model (though I can taper the tang on any one of my fixed...
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    Neck knife with orange G-10

    I don't know whether to call this a new model, or just a variation on my Goblin model. It will definitely be part of my standard catalog either way. The handle is just like the Goblin, but the blade is a drop point. The spine is beveled on both sides near the point, and there are no thumb...
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    Sportsman Elm Burl

    Here's one of my Sportsman models with stabilized elm burl. Click on the picture for a larger view.
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    Huron in green canvas

    Got some Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket? What better way to treat yourself than a handmade knife? Try my Huron model in CPM154 and green canvas Micarta with a stainless lined thong hole and right-handed leather sheath. I'll let this one go for $120 with FREE shipping to the lower...
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    Goblin in orange G-10

    Finally got a little time between orders to finish this one up! A bead-blasted Goblin in orange G-10 with orange Kydex sheath... All comments welcome!
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    Worker II in damascus

    Here's one I just finished up. A Worker II in Devin Thomas damascus with tapered tang, filework, mosaic pins, and desert ironwood. Thanks for looking!
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    FREE Etch-O-Matic supplies

    My Etch-O-Matic died a noble death recently after 20 years of faithful service. I upgraded to a Personalizer Plus, and I have a few left over replacement parts for the Etch-O-Matic - one replacement screen and three pads. I'd be happy to put these in an envelope and send them to anyone who...
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    Goblin cord wrapped

    New model! I call it the Goblin, because it reminds me of the fighter jet of the same name (anyone remember that one?) That Goblin never got past the prototype stage, but I think this one will be useful. CPM154 blade, 5 1/2" overall, Kydex sheath with Tec-Lock. I'm asking $95 with FREE shipping...
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    Nighthawk folder

    Finished this one up about two weeks ago - finally getting around to posting it for sale... My Nighthawk folder with slotted G-10 scales and blue anodized titanium liners. CPM154 blade, offset radius lock, .020 phosphor bronze washers, and blue anodized pocket clip for tip down carry. $355...
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    Hello everyone. I posted this in my forum, but I though it couldn't hurt to post it here as well... Here's the prototype for a smaller version of my Nigththawk folder. Scales are red G-10, slotted to reveal the blue anodized titanium liners. Blade is CPM154. Features .020 phosphor bronze...
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    Lost private message!

    I got an e-mail saying I had a private message, but when I clicked on it it wasn't there... then I went back to my inbox and the e-mail had disappeared! A Twilight Zone episode, or just computer illiteracy on my part? Probably the latter, but if you have tried to contact me and I haven't...
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    Schaller Knives

    Hello, I make custom fixed blades and folders. Please visit my site at: Thanks!
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    Vortex Framelock

    Here's one of my large Vortex folders, done as a framelock with overlays of stabilized dyed box elder burl. The frame and clip were anodized to complement the overlays. Photo by Jim Cooper. Thanks for looking!
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    "Vortex" locking liner

    Edit: Still available. I will drop the price to $325 I have one of my small "Vortex" folders for sale. This one is done as a locking liner with diamond weave G-10 bolsters and carbon fiber scales. The lock is offset radius ("fail safe") and the lock face is tungsten carbide coated for...
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    Hi From Albuquerque

    Hello, all. I'm a knifemaker from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I've been lurking here for about a month, and thought it was time to introduce myself. I found out about KnifeDogs when I ordered something from USA Knifemakers Supply (good people to order from!) I make both fixed blades and...