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  1. RangerMadeKnives

    WTB - Small quantity of Rag Micarta

    I have a folder project coming up and the guy would really like rag micarta if I can find some. If anyone is willing to part with a bit of their old stock email me at Thanks. Bob
  2. RangerMadeKnives

    A folder and a fixed I finished this week

    Thought I'd post a little of what I've been doing lately. The drop point is one of my EDC's featuring a 3-1/8" blade from CPM-S35VN. It has an overall length of 7-1/8" and has 416 bolsters and some really chatoyant Hawaiian Koa. I offer this knife in several different blade profiles. The folder...
  3. RangerMadeKnives

    First forge build; I'm gonna need help.

    Not too long ago I asked about buying an Atlas Mini Forge. One thing lead to another and here I am about to build a blown forge as my first forge. I received several components from Bruce Bump and I've begun purchasing/scrounging everything else. I ordered and have received a 60cfm blower and my...
  4. RangerMadeKnives

    Should I buy an Atlas Mini Forge?

    "Buy an Atlas Mini Forge?" is now "Help me build a forge...Please" Here's where I'm at; I've been making knives for a year using stock removal. There is no doubt in my mind that this is going to be a lifelong passion. I will be attending the Intro to Bladesmithing class at Washington, AR in...
  5. RangerMadeKnives

    Zirconium and Mammoth Ivory Gentleman's Fine Linerlock

    Overall length - 5-7/8" Closed length - 3-1/4" Blade length - 2-9/16" tip to bolster Blade - Randy Haas San Mai (1084/416) Liners - Bronze anodized, Jeweled, .040" Titanium Washers - Nylatron Bolsters - Zirconium Backspacer - Zirconium w/hammered finish Thumbstud - Zirconium w/Mammoth...
  6. RangerMadeKnives

    New flipper progress pics

    Since I'm new here, I wasn't really sure where to put this but, I felt like this was the best place. This is really not going to be a WIP; just some progress pics and some photos of the finished knife when I get there. I've been carrying around my third folder in my pocket for about three...
  7. RangerMadeKnives

    Girls Tactical EDC w/ Pink & Black DewCarta

    I finished this yesterday. Had not worked with DewCarta before but it was the right color for the project so I gave it a try. I found it to be very similar to sandblasted canvas micarta but, without blasting it. It does not get a super smooth finish unless you apply a top coat. I experimented...
  8. RangerMadeKnives

    Blackwood Tactical

    Just finished this one today. It has an interesting story to it. It was ordered by a guy who came through Infantry Basic Training when I was a Drill Sergeant in late 1999/early 2000. He wasn't in my platoon but I was one of the lead instructors for the company so, everybody got to know who I...
  9. RangerMadeKnives

    New to Knife Dogs - Here's some of my recent work

    I posted in the introductions page and said my hello's. Thought it might be a good idea to post some pics of some of my recent projects. If you frequent BladeForum you may have seen some of these. I'm still a new maker (not sure how long one is considered new) so still developing a style while...
  10. RangerMadeKnives

    Howdy from Sanger, Texas

    Hey everyone, I am Bob Ohlemann from Sanger, Texas. I've been making knives for a little under a year now but, I've had some fantastic instruction and help from some of the best, Johnny Stout being my primary mentor. It also seems that just about every skill I've learned during my nearly fifty...