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  1. slatroni

    Merry Christmas to all.

    Been a while, just got a Atlas mini forge and was thinking about all the Dogs here that helped me get started and just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.
  2. slatroni

    Fresh off the bench.

    Zebra wood and 1095
  3. slatroni

    fire brick I.D.

    A friend gave me some "fire brick" from a foundry. I am not sure if I can make a forge using these or not. They look, feel and weigh like some kind of cement brick. Any help would be appreciated. I used a sharpie and hi-lighted the makers mark on the brick. Thanks Steve
  4. slatroni

    copper question.

    I am working on a copper guard and hilt. Copper being so soft, is there a way I can harden it? Here is a pic of what I am working on. Thanks in advance for any help!
  5. slatroni

    Fresh of the bench.

    blade -1095 guard - Aluminum bronze scales - KOA with a capitol "K" finished with Tru-oil and one of my mosaic pins file work - by hand sheath - hand stitched cow hide with a two tone finish. Thanks for looking comments welcome, good or bad!
  6. slatroni

    How Cool is this!

    Look what showed up today. A KMS liner lock with a black blade from! Thank you! Steve
  7. slatroni

    Tried my hand at Mosaic pins.

    They turned out OK but what a mess I made! I watched some YouTube Videos and thought I would give it a try. Anyone else making their own pins?
  8. slatroni

    Now thats fast!

    One of my customers told me He and some of his friends on crotch rockets were out for a ride this weekend. He said " My knife stayed in the sheath at 160 mph!" I must make some fast knives! LOL!
  9. slatroni

    another wip............

    Hey Guys n Gals! I started out with my drawing. I get it the way I like it on paper before I cut anything. I am trying something different, a strong back instead of a hidden tang. I cut the paper knife out and glued it to a piece of 3/16" X 1 1/5" - 1095 Then with my trusty Harbor...
  10. slatroni

    Here is a couple of my hybreads

    They are a mix of tactical with nice wood handles and a fire starter. Thanks for looking!
  11. slatroni

    Thank you Dogs

    My award came in the mail today. Thanks to everyone that voted for me. And congrats to all the winners Thanks again Steve
  12. slatroni

    fresh off the bench.

    Here is one of my 1095 tactical blades with an modest piece of Ironwood. Thanks for looking!
  13. slatroni

    HA! Now I know why they call it IRONWOOD!

    This is the first piece of Ironwood I have used in ten years. This is a knife for my friend who was in the Air Force during Viet Nam. He also retired from the Sheriff Dept. The blade is 4" of 1095. Mosaic pins hold on Ironwood scales with blue liners. The Blue liners are for his service in the...
  14. slatroni

    stuck 3 in the fire today.

    Here is a pic of three tactical knives I cooked today. And here is a sharp finger for my neighbor and technical adviser. He is a retired Sheriff and doesn't know I am making it for him. This ought to be fun!
  15. slatroni

    Another one done!

    Here is a 1095 blade with black micarta scales and red liners. A sheath to come soon! Thanks for looking, Steve
  16. slatroni


    I have to work Monday and Tuesday and then I am off for 12, Yes 12 days! Here is what I have planned. Two Hunters and 3 tacticals! I cut em out today.
  17. slatroni

    That Age Old Question Again

    OK, so far I have been very lucky selling my knives. I am even taking orders now. But the question is, "how do you price your knives?" I have been selling in a local gun store. I get $200 in my pocket and they put a small mark up on them. But last summer I built the Bowie. I worked on that thing...
  18. slatroni

    Finished three more.

    I have been busy on this trio of knifes. Still have to make two more sheaths. Its cold out there. Thanks for looking! Steve
  19. slatroni

    another little work knife.

    Made this for a friend I work with. Its a duplicate of my work knife except for the lanyard, he is a 49er fan. Thanks for lookin!
  20. slatroni


    Any of you selling on Etsy? if so hows it going? I just signed up today. Thanks Steve