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  1. Jon Buescher

    Looking for a buffer for buffing fittings and handle materials

    1750 RPM or slower, I really know nothing about buffers other than they are not to be used on a blade EVER, or while sitting (I just did some reading and found some of Ed’s posts and know some of the horror stories. anyone have a line on a buffer? Or know of a good place to look.
  2. Jon Buescher

    I need a makers mark design and I have no idea what I’m doing

    Someone made some mock up makers marks a while back, I can’t find the thread it was in. If anyone has any ideas I could use some help. I don’t have an LLC set up but I have a name in mind for my stuff
  3. Jon Buescher

    Where do you guys buy your ivory from when you have to do it online?

    I have some projects that have recently come up that require some nice ivory, some bark and some white ivory would both be handy. I want to make some grips for my New Model Blackhawk in .45LC and if they come out good I have some other grips I’d like to try. I don’t have thousands but I could...
  4. Jon Buescher

    My first punched eye axe

    I’ve made several wrapped eye hatchets and tomahawks and made the leap to making a real axe. I cut a 1” slab of mild steel off of a 2”x4” bar. Drilled some guide holes and welded a handle on it. Punched the eye and forged a drift then drifted the eye, split the axe body and forge welded in a...
  5. Jon Buescher

    Trying something new

    I’ve made several wrapped eye axes successfully and had some failures along the way. I’ve been watching YouTube a lot over the last couple years (sorry @EdCaffreyMS I know how you feel about YouTube experts.) I spent some time looking for drifts and such to make a traditional style axe/hatchet...
  6. Jon Buescher

    First WIP attempt

    I’m going to try my hand at one of these WIP threads, maybe you guys can catch my mistakes before I make them! step one was to draw/trace my design. Pretty much a bushlore profile, on 3/16 X 1 1/2” 1084 from NJSB Step 2 which I accidentally skipped photos was to cut out the rough shape of the...
  7. Jon Buescher

    Trying to identify a piece of wood

    I have a large board sitting in my shop, not sure what it is, significantly heavier than maple, it is nice and dark and seems to be very hard. One pic with it compared to walnut
  8. Jon Buescher

    Hidden tang thang

    So I screwed up on a hidden tang whilst shaping the tang, I cut the sucker off and welded one on made from the same chunk of steel. Is this a no no?
  9. Jon Buescher

    Scored a 150 LB Fisher anvil in amazing condition!

    Well the wife and I went deer hunting and both got mule deer bucks. Her first deer, our host, a farmer and rancher sent me home with his whole blacksmith shop including his old coal forge with blower, his anvil, a bunch of tongs and some metal!
  10. Jon Buescher


    It still makes me sad, then angry, then the lower more dark side of me takes over. At 13 years old I decided I was going to give hell to whoever had done this, 12 years as an infrantrymen wasn’t enough, no amount of retribution could ever be enough. In those 12 years I made and lost many many...
  11. Jon Buescher

    I Jumped on the band wagon!

    JJB11B here, Just got my name changed to my real name, still the same me. Thank you Beth for the help!
  12. Jon Buescher

    Had fun with a hydraulic press today

    I went over to my friend @Bruce Bump and he let me forge weld with his press. OH MY GOSH! I want one!!! His apprentice guy and Bruce both helped me quite a bit which was great!!
  13. Jon Buescher


    So, I know that Anhydrous borax is a good flux from talking to and reading things from Ed Caffrey and Bruce Bump. I am looking through the interwebz and some of these Blacksmith companies carry 6+ welding fluxes. I am confused WTH is Anti-Borax flux? are these fancy flux's any better than plain...
  14. Jon Buescher

    Latest from my shop

    I’ve been making farrier rasp tomahawks this is my latest, shaped a little different then the last one
  15. Jon Buescher

    This old hammer

    I’ve got this old claw hammer hanging around, the head is loose, I was thinking about cutting the handle off and forging something out of it, purely out of boredom while I am waiting for my real metal to show up, what do you guys think? Camp hatchet?
  16. Jon Buescher

    Hatchet, axe, Tomahawk steel

    I would like to keep making these tomahawks and someday would like to make some hatchets and axes, I am quickly running low on rasps and want to use known steels when I am done with the rasps. Is mild steel stock acceptable for making the body of these items? I plan on using 1084 for the cutting...
  17. Jon Buescher

    Ferriers Rasp. Tomahawk

    Tried my hand at a little forge welding today, I figured I could make one of those without a grinder. I think I got some scale between the two halves of the rasp after I brushed them and folded them over, weld didn’t stick, tomorrow I’ll try to open it up, clean it out and try to weld it again...
  18. Jon Buescher

    Comparing Grinders. the 2x72 type

    Well, it's time for a thread. I am ready to purchase my first real purpose built grinder. I have been looking at the Beaumont KMG. I would like to go with the 3HP VFD motor option. It seems like a very popular model with a lot of accessories available. I thought I might want to buy the MOAG kit...
  19. Jon Buescher

    Who Scheduled Bladeshow West?

    Bladeshow West October 5-7. Really screwing with my deer season!
  20. Jon Buescher

    Mill/drill mod.

    I bought a Mill/Drill for a very! Good price from my friend Bruce Bump. My only gripe is that it is a ROYAL PITA to change the speeds on it. Could I get a VFD for it for a reasonable price? I’ll take a few pics and add them