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  1. BonhamBlades

    Work in progress neck knives

    Work in progress neck/everyday carry knives handles have been roughed in now it's on to hand finishing
  2. BonhamBlades

    Drop point hunter

    S35vn steel with liquid nitrogen cryogenics and stone wash finish Orange Burlap handle with carbon fiber pins and lanyard tube 4 inch cutting edge 8&3/4 OAL
  3. BonhamBlades

    Clip point Hunter

    S35vn steel with liquid nitrogen cryogenics and mirror polish finish 4inch clip point blade 5inch pinecone acrylic handle with Nickel silver guard, NS and Copper mosaic pin and NS lanyard tube other: thumb jimping and lanyard with apocalyptic bead, glow in the dark end toggle and sliding ranger...
  4. BonhamBlades

    Cpm m4 question

    Hello, how is everyone heat treating cpm m4? I have been looking at the data sheets but I am getting more confused than I am answers. Any help woul be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.
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    D2 steel stone wash finish just shy of 5 inches overall golden birch Burl
  6. BonhamBlades


    D2 steel just shy of 5 inches overall
  7. BonhamBlades

    Some Neck/EDC knives

    S35vn steel with liquid nitrogen cryogenics and satin brite finish 6 inch overall length
  8. BonhamBlades

    Few neckers

    S35vn steel with liquid nitrogen cryogenics and satin brite finish all are just under 5inch total length
  9. BonhamBlades

    Change username?

    Hello is it possible to change my username from rmbonham to BonhamBlades? If so how do I go about doing it?
  10. BonhamBlades

    So I am an idiot... Steel question

    So I was in a hurry and forgot to drill my holes before heat treat. What is the best way to anneal S35vn steel? I have never annealed an air hardening steel before.
  11. BonhamBlades

    S35vn heat treat question

    Hardening Preheat: Heat to 1550-1600�F (845-870�C) Equalize. Austenitize: 1900-2000�F (1035-1095�C), hold time at temperature 15-30 minutes. My question is once you have preheated to 1550-1600 and soaked to equalize do you let it cool to 0 or immediately bring your temp up to 1900-2000?
  12. BonhamBlades

    Kydex sheaths

    Hello, I am looking to start making kydex sheaths but all of the different size rivets and belt loop attachments are confusing me. What size flared rivets do you need to attach the different belt loop attachments? Do different attachments need different size rivets? Or will one size say 3/16 or...
  13. BonhamBlades

    Paragon vs even heat

    Is paragon worth the higher price tag?
  14. BonhamBlades

    Question about LN Dewars

    I am wanting to buy a Dewar and have been educating my self by reading the archived threads here. My question that I haven't found the answer to yet is what is the smallest size (liters) dewar you can get away with if your blade sizes range from 1 to 12 inches in length. other than making sure...
  15. BonhamBlades

    satin brite

    Does any one here use the satin brite wheels? if so what do you like about them as compared to the belts?
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    what is everyones epoxy/resin of choice when making mycarta?
  17. BonhamBlades

    on the work bench

    On the work bench, 6 Bush Crafters
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    trying to figure out photobucket
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    Camp chef knife
  20. BonhamBlades

    One I made from my oops pile

    Cutting edge: 4 inch Handle: 5 inch Thickness: .12 Width: 1.10 Steel: 1084 with hand rubbed mirror polish Handle material: Arizona Ironwood with green fiber spacer. Other: Rounded spine I apologize for the poor pics taken from my old cell phone.