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  1. Mike Carter

    Brass Bolsters
  2. Mike Carter

    Handle Pins

    Here is a quick video about some different types of knife handle pins.
  3. Mike Carter

    FREE Knife for Christmas!

    I am giving this $265 Carter Custom Nessmuk away of Christmas Day. Blue Elk Nessmuk Blade: 440C stainless steel, 5 inch long, 1/8 inch thick, 1 3/4 inch wide. Hollow ground, satin finish. Overall Length: 9 inches. Handle: Stabilzed Elk Sheath: Brown Leather Pouch Weight: 11.8 oz. with...
  4. Mike Carter

    Quick photo setup

    This is a quick setup I sometimes use for spur of the moment shots in the shop.
  5. Mike Carter

    Video Review of the 2011 Knifemakers Guild Show

    7 minute video I put together of the show.
  6. Mike Carter

    Does this make sense?

    Our biggest annual gun show, National Gun Day, is coming up this month. I just got an email from the show promoter stating "The ESPN cable network has REFUSED to run my TV commercial on the Louisville, Kentucky cable system, as well as, THE HISTORY CHANNEL! Their management said that they have...
  7. Mike Carter

    Another "Grizz" Bowie

    I just shipped this one to England. Blade: 13 1/4" mirror polished 440C stainless steel, 1/4" thick. Handle: Sambar stag with stainless steel pins. Fittings: Polished stainless steel. Sheath: Brown leather with belt stud. Overall Length: 18 1/2" Weight: 3 lb 8 oz with sheath
  8. Mike Carter

    We lost another of the Great knifemakers - Dan Dennehy

    Forwarded by Dan's son Daniel John Dennehy, 88 Posted: Tuesday, Jan 18th, 2011 DEL NORTE — Prominent custom knifemaker Daniel John Dennehy, 88, died Sunday, Jan. 16, 2011, in Del Norte. He was born Jan. 15, 1923 in New York City, the youngest son of Irish immigrants Daniel Francis...
  9. Mike Carter

    BIG Gun and Knife Show - Feb 26-27 - Louisville, KY

    The National Gun Day Show will be at the Kentucky Fair and Expo Center in Louisville, KY February 26-27, 2011. This is a HUGE show with between 2000 and 3000 tables (yes, that's thousands). This promoter does four shows each year in Louisville and this is the biggest of the four. There...
  10. Mike Carter

    How do you deal with rust?

    The article I am currently writing for Blade Magazine deals with knife rust and how to prevent it. I would like your input on your experiences on what has worked best for you in preventing rust or dealing with it if your knife has rusted. Any input would be appreciated. Mike
  11. Mike Carter

    The Story of the Nessmuk Knife

    The Nessmuk Knife George Washington Sears (1821-1890), under the pen name of "Nessmuk," wrote many letters to Forest and Steam magazine in the 1880s. These popularized canoeing, the Adirondack lakes, self-guided canoe camping tours, the open, ultra-light single canoe, and what many today...
  12. Mike Carter

    The Legend of the Bowie Knife

    I copied this from my website as I thought our readers here might enjoy it. I have always been fascinated by my favorite style of knife, the Bowie knife, and the history of it. The Bowie Knife No knife in history has gained as much notoriety or has been the source of more myths and...
  13. Mike Carter

    Don't Overlook the Gun Shows

    I have definitely seen a shift in the shows that knifemakers, knife dealers and knife buyers are attending in recent years. Once upon a time there weren’t nearly as many knifemakers around and there were very few knife shows. If a knifemaker wanted to show and sell his work to the public...
  14. Mike Carter

    Show Schedule 2011

    Below is a list of shows for 2011. I am sure it is not complete but I will edit the original post and add shows as information becomes available. I did include a lot of Gun & Knife Shows in my area (KY, TN, OH, IN) as I am seeing more knifemakers, knife dealers and knife buyers coming back to...
  15. Mike Carter

    Case Astronaut Knife

    This is one of favorites from my collection of factory knives. Case made the M-1 survival knife for NASA and these were carried on every manned Apollo and Gemini space flight. One went to the moon with Neil Armstrong. They chose a big survival knife because in those days the space capsule...
  16. Mike Carter

    Wind up the year with a couple of good Gun & Knife Shows

    Two BIG gun and knife shows will be held in Louisville, KY in December. I will have a table and several other custom knifemakers and knife dealers will be there. December 11-12, 2010 National Gun Day Kentucky Fair & Expo Center, South Wing A Louisville, KY This is one of the biggest gun...
  17. Mike Carter

    Hot Brown!

    The best part of Thanksgiving leftovers, Hot Browns. A real Kentucky tradition and one of my favorite meals.
  18. Mike Carter

    A few recent sheaths

    Here is some of my recent work. I have been trying more leather carving. I'm getting better at it but I'm still not where I want to be with it. Stingray A couple with rattlesnake inlays. I thought this mountain man version of my Cheyenne Bowie turned out pretty well.
  19. Mike Carter

    Old School

    Blacksmith at the 18th Century Market Fair, Locust Grove, Louisville, KY.
  20. Mike Carter

    Louisville, KY Show this weekend Oct 16-17

    The Great Eastern Gun and Knife Show is at the Kentucky Fair and Expo Center in Louisville, KY this weekend October 16-17. 2000 tables! If you go, be sure show by my table along the right wall and say "Hi".