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  1. Ty Adams

    Food for thought as a knife maker

    I'm generally not the type of person that gets inspired by inspirational quotes. They are everywhere and everyone has one. Every week one of the VP's at my company sends one out, I generally don't even read them. This week the quote made me think about the journey of knife making. We are all...
  2. Ty Adams

    Curly maple hunter

    Last year I was fortunate enough to spend a week in John Doyle's shop. He is very generous with his time and knowledge. And by generous I mean generous, he spent an entire week helping fix my mistakes! He denies it but I think he got tired of it and tried to poison me. I was sick (poisned) the...
  3. Ty Adams

    It's been awhile....

    I haven't posted much for sometime. Work has been busy, and life always gets in the way of knifemaking. That's going to change soon. I'm starting to work on some long over due projects, and grabbed up some new steel to play with.
  4. Ty Adams

    2 hunter WIP

    Today was a good day for working out in the shop. It was snowing off and on, and we are closed at work. So I started working on a couple of hunters. I made a template to keep the knives as close to the same as possible. The dental pick gets in nice and close for a good scribe. Rough cut cut...
  5. Ty Adams

    FIF like or not thread

    FIF has had a big impact on the knife making community, good and bad. It seems anytime it's mentioned in a thread the original content is instantly lost, and the discussion drifts. I'm a fan of the show and watch it when time allows. Currently I'm only 24 episodes behind! Today was one of...
  6. Ty Adams

    Kith WIP (maybe)

    I want to participate in the Kith but as always work has me working more hours then I want. So I'm going to pull out a knife that was started some time ago. If it can go wrong it went wrong on this knife. So I'm going to try and save it for the Kith. This may work! It also might be a big flop...
  7. Ty Adams

    Some new designs wanting opinions

    It looks like like I'm finally going to have time for knife making. With the new shop having more power than Thors hammer I want to add some tools that will help make life easier and speed my process. So after not taking orders for some time I have let some very patient people know that my books...
  8. Ty Adams


    After the move back in February work has been really busy so shop time has been nonexistent. I need to make a knife. Time has been in short supply so I decided to try and save a knife that was destined for for the scrap pile because the pin locations are off. It still needs some clean up...
  9. Ty Adams

    Patiently waiting

    This one's patiently waiting for me to finish setting up my shop. Hopefully I'll get some free time soon.
  10. Ty Adams

    I hate thieves

    In the 15 years that I have lived in my house, my truck has been broke into 3 times. The propane bottles and battery have been stolen off my camper. Last night someone broke into my garage. Thankfully the dog scared them off. Why people think they deserve what you work hard for is beyond me?
  11. Ty Adams

    Disk grinder

    For those of you with disk grinders. What are you using? I'm looking at the 1 horse 9" from tru-grit. Thanks
  12. Ty Adams

    S30V heat treat question

    I have questions about heat treating S30V that I am hoping some of the more knowledgeable heat treaters can help me with. I have been trying out aebl and found that 1960 for 15 minutes and a plate quench with air is good enough. No pre-heat is needed. Can I do the same process with S30V? I do...
  13. Ty Adams

    Finishing curly maple

    So I was going to run a test on wood that has not been stabilized. The test was to determine if the work of putting 10 to 14 coats of Tru-Oil is worth it over using a grain sealer and only 4 or 5 coats. The test blocks are going to be finished and let sit outside to see how they hold up. On a...
  14. Ty Adams

    Hunter in koa

    Here's a hunter I just finished. Steel is 1075 with a hamon and some beautiful KOA to top it off. I know my picture taking skills are still lacking. But I'm working on it slooowly.
  15. Ty Adams

    Speeding up hand sanding

    I just thought I'd share a few things that I have learned over the last couple of knives. I enjoy hand sanding it is the point where the knife really starts to shine. With that said I have been looking for ways to cut that time down. The first thing I can't take credit for. John Wilson...
  16. Ty Adams

    Am I crazy for not taking orders..

    A few months ago I stopped taking orders so that I could make other styles of knives. At the time it seemed like the right thing to do to grow as a new maker. Some people have taken this well and are willing to wait and possibly buy knives as they are finished. Some of my last orders have set...
  17. Ty Adams

    Noob mistakes don't be afraid.

    There has been a lot of talk here about mistakes that new knife makers make. Being a noob myself it is hard to give advice to other new makers. Mistakes happen..... At every step they happen. Try to fix the mistakes you might surprise yourself. What you do with those mistakes can be a learning...
  18. Ty Adams

    Thuya burl finish with paste wax.

    I'm going to be using thuya burl for the first time. Does anyone have any input on a good finish? I read that it doesn't like oil. I am going to try some Johnson's paste on a 1000 grit finish.
  19. Ty Adams

    Blade Show

    With Blade only weeks away is anyone else from the forum going? This will be my first time. Meeting other makers is something that I am really looking forward to.
  20. Ty Adams

    Pin layout on full tang knives

    This morning I was laying out some knives for pins. This takes me longer then it should. So I am here to ask your​ opinion. Am I over thinking a simple process or is this how everyone does it. First I layout where the top of the scales should go with French curves and a dental pick...