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  1. Jammer Six

    Diamond Stones

    I've never owned a diamond stone. Why do they have that metal grid over them? How can you sharpen with that grid?
  2. Jammer Six

    Hot Spots

    I've read that some folks don't like some forges because they create hot spots. Okay. So tell me this: don't all forges create hot spots? What are the bad things about hot spots? (I've looked at the forge I use the most, and I think it has a hot spot or two, but I usually move the metal...
  3. Jammer Six


    What's the purpose of liners on a fixed blade knife?
  4. Jammer Six

    Chisel Design

    Does anyone know of a book about designing wood chisels? I can find all kinds of books about sharpening them, but I haven't found one about designing them. Thanks!
  5. Jammer Six

    Polished Damascus

    Is it possible to polish damascus to a mirror finish? I'm thinking about making a Damascus chisel. Wood chisels want a mirror polish on the back of the blade. What would happen to the pattern?
  6. Jammer Six

    Greetings from Seattle!

    Greetings! Brand new, no knives made at this point. How do we see a list of subscribed forums here? I see the list of subscribed threads, but not subscribed forums. Thanks!