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    sharpening systems

    Check out warthog sharpeners. I've seen them work a few times. Hey wouldn't have the extended life of simple stones but the system is easy to use and works very well.
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    Full tang vs hidden. Difficulty?

    What's a broach?
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    Blueing / dark metal ?

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    Full tang vs hidden. Difficulty?

    Is one more difficult to make than he other? Seems like there would be fit up issues associated with a hidden tang and guard. But it doesn't seem terribly difficult.
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    Blueing / dark metal ?

    I saw a knife today that had a beautiful finish and haven't a clue as to what it actually was. It was polished to near a mirror finish and was very dark blue, almost black. It was the blade, hilt and I think even the pins. Almost like it was a dark chrome. It was a hand made knife, in a...
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    Cut off disc for profiling blanks?

    I havent bought a bandsaw yet so im wondering Would using an angle grinder and a thin cut off disc to cut out blanks be a bad idea? People always talk about overheating the metal, but does it even matter how hot it gets before heat treat? Or does it depend on the type of metal? I know...
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    Steel types - characteristics / uses

    Thanks a lot!
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    Is rc hardness the measure of sharpness / durability?

    Like it says, if something is x hardness in carbon and the same in stainless, will they preform, sharpen, handle the same? I realize that the resharpening and maintenance will differ as in the case that carbon sharpens easier than stainless. Thanks for answering these basic questions, or...
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    Skinner steel type ?

    I was talking to someone who wants a skinner and I tried to explain the relationship between durability/difficulty to sharpen, and something like carbon that gets really sharp, but is easyto sharpen. They wants something that stays sharp throughout cleaning and maybe quartering a deer...
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    Steel types - characteristics / uses

    Is there a comprehensive list of this information that might help is material selection? Thanks!
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    Frankenstein 2x72 grinder - bounce ?

    Yes it's a single speed. It's from my old Griz. I think 1.5 hp. the step I have is a 1.5" back to a 5". Or something. It's been a while since I bought them. It runs it nice and slow but I think I'll add another step so I can speed it up and really take some material off.
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    Frankenstein 2x72 grinder - bounce ?

    Ok. Tinkered around with it tonight and got everything running GREAT! Turned out I just needed to adjust the tensioner. I kind of mixed the nwg tensionr set up along with the top shaft / pulley from my old grizzly. Turned out the shaft was not at a 90 to the belt which I think was making it hop...
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    Frankenstein 2x72 grinder - bounce ?

    I'll post some pics later. Well, if you check each piece separately it seems fine. It even grinds pretty good. But the tensioner rises and falls, or bounces. I've never seen this inn other grinders. I was thinking maybe the abrasive belt is too tight that its slightly skewing the drive wheel...
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    Frankenstein 2x72 grinder - bounce ?

    It's sort of a freestyle version on the nwg but welded and pieced together from various parts. I am still trying to tinker with the alignment of the wheels but I have a air amount of bounce and wondering if there is a common cause of this. My tensioner and 8" contact is from an old grizzly...
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    Shield Inlay's Tutorial

    Is it only me, or are the pics no longer there?
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    CNC cutting knife blanks

    Is that 10-12 $ per knife blank! Or 10-12 $ for 2 dozen?
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    3 axis milling table? - where can I find one?

    That explains why the are so difficult to find. Thanks for the tip.
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    3 axis milling table? - where can I find one?

    I've been warned not to make my own surface grinder, but!, I'm one of those hardheaded types that doesn't learn until I fail myself? That said, if it's even called that, anyone know where I can find a small cheap one? I found a bunch of small 2axis, but none with a vertical adjustment unless...
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    My Frame-Lock Tutorial

    You should repost the pics. I think there are probably more than a few who would love to have a look. Thanks.