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  1. Chris Martin

    Blue/black G-10 scales

    I am in need of a set of scales in Blue/Black G-10 I need them as close to .250 as possible. I cant seem to find any scales, just sheets. I can buy outright or trade. I have several flavors of G-10. Dark Earth Coyote Foliage OD Green Grey Black Blaze Orange Black-Tan Thanks, Chris
  2. Chris Martin

    Irish Woods

    Hey Larry, Thanks for your input bud. I did google a couple times. But I was wanting more of an opinion from someone that has used them. Price is not a concern since it will be a special blade for myself and eventually my son as he gets old enough to understand. I will look into that Bog Oak...
  3. Chris Martin

    Alligator Gar Knife

    Cool blade. I was just thinking about doing a design in a Gar shape. Looks like a cool blade man! Well done. Chris
  4. Chris Martin

    Irish Woods

    Hey fellas, I was wondering what Irish woods would be suitable for a knife handle? My son Devin was just born on the 28th and I want to celebrate by making a blade in his name!:biggrin: Any idears my brothers and sisters? Thanks all, Chris
  5. Chris Martin

    WTS-WTT Reese Weiland Saber Claw #03

    **GONE** I have had some pretty awesome trade offers on this RW, so I figured I would put it out there and see what else may be lurking out there:thumbup: $440 shipped, or trade. I will + cash for the right pistol. Trades: Not looking for any other cals than .45acp...
  6. Chris Martin

    Wasp model

    Damn thats sick, Tom. Fantastic work and as Rock mentioned, the detail put into this blade is an eye catcher. Love this2thumbs Chris
  7. Chris Martin

    So, when can you actually call yourself a Knifemaker?

    And thats when the passion sits in:D Sorry I had to laugh at this comment, I have done that several times in my few months of this. You almost start dreaming your still in the shop slaving away.....2thumbs
  8. Chris Martin

    Coye Ridgeback with Carbon Fiber Scales F/S

    Talk about a nice BC, someone shall get lucky soon2thumbs Chris
  9. Chris Martin

    Fine 2x42 Belts

    Carey is correct, I have split a few 2x42's to go on mine and track just fine!
  10. Chris Martin

    Christmas in july KITH 2010

    I hate to say it but I am going to have to pull out myself this time. I would have been honored to receive any one of the makers blades in this KITH. I just cant make it happen right now. Any time I have in the shop is trying to fill orders and requests. My son is due late July so I am...
  11. Chris Martin

    Latest folder

    Edit to add: I just had to do a double take....she is really good on the eyes Mike. Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go Mikey!!! She looks great2thumbs The one you brought over a couple weeks ago was nice....this one is a looker buddy. So yeah, when you gonna teach me this folder game....LOL...
  12. Chris Martin

    Grinder Questions

    My Coote is running a 1.5HP 1725 and on the fastest step it runs fast . Cant imagine a 3450RPM....LOL 1725 eats steel like a champ on a pulley system. My new grinder will have a VFD so I can go SCARY fast if I want a thrill...LOL Best of luck, Ern. Good thing is, your building your new...
  13. Chris Martin

    So, when can you actually call yourself a Knifemaker?

    I think once you complete your first blade you should be able to consider yourself a knife-maker. I thought differently several months ago. But, I got to thinking....KNives have been made since the beginning of time. Made from stone/Chert, wood, bone, in prison they make them from plastic:D So...
  14. Chris Martin


    Great win Ernie. Thanks for the chance Rudy, great looking vise! Chris
  15. Chris Martin

    Fine 2x42 Belts

    Get them blades sold buddy....Your are 100% correct, problem solved from there on!!! Oh and you might try contacting BarbKat......she sells pretty much any belts you need. If that option fails you, get in touch with Scott and see if he can make a special order for you. I will keep an eye out...
  16. Chris Martin

    Fine 2x42 Belts

    I have never had an issue with Tru-Grit, but I have only ordered through them a few times. Had a slight delay this last order but Scott called and got it squared up quickly. 90% of my orders are done through Tracy and Lora are always ontop of there game....Just wish they...
  17. Chris Martin

    Fine 2x42 Belts

    Ernie, Get in touch with Scott at Tru-Grit, he has just about any belt you will need. I also hear great things about Pops Knife Supply. Happy hunting2thumbs Chris
  18. Chris Martin

    Black on Black Fighter

    Now thats a bad arse blade there, Robert. Nice work, great price too.2thumbs Chris
  19. Chris Martin


    Well, I already have a Rudy Joly forge......I think I better have a RJ knife-maker vise too!!2thumbs Rudy makes some nice tools fellas. So, with that said: "I wish I had a knife vise" >>>>> To go with my RJ Forge:D:D Thanks for the chance Marlboro....Looks like your still smoking them...