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  1. izafireman

    First Hamon 26c3

    After a little advice if possible please regarding hamons. Just had some 26c3 clay quenched and have ground it out and also taken it up too 1200 grit. I then cleaned it up and used ferric to develop the hamon, a few cycles with a light sanding in between each dip but there wasn't much...
  2. izafireman

    S Grind

    Well having done my second ever kitchen knife the other day I decided to free hand flat grind it, wow what a revelation, I wish I had done free hand years ago as it went like a dream and sooo easy. Oddly I learnt to free hand hollow grind years ago but never to free hand flat. My next learning...
  3. izafireman


    Ahaaa , smiling today as I finally got back on the forum. Not sure why but I could not get back on , I even created another account, but as my old account just worked I will stick with it. looks like I have loads to catch up on with the threads here but shall read them over a glass of Rum ))...
  4. izafireman

    Chemistry help - Acid Etching

    Hopefully there are a few who are good at chemistry here as I need help with a Hydrochloric acid solution which I need to mix in order to etch a couple of stainless steel knife blanks I have ground out. The hydrochloric acid I bought is a 36% strength mixture. The volume of my etching chamber...
  5. izafireman

    Double sheath help

    Not sure if anyone could help with this. I don't make my own leather sheaths due to tendon issues in my arm and so have a leather worker make them for me who is superb. But on the last double knife combo I sent him he kept hitting issues with the sheath as he doesn't normally do double sheaths...
  6. izafireman

    Wood stabilising oven / tempering oven project.

    Following on from Gliden07's superb thread about making a tempering oven I decided to do my own with the help of my father and Timgunn who is also on the forum. The PID control I chose was the Inkbird which was the UK version and combined with a K type thermocouple along with the largest volume...
  7. izafireman

    Future Cut Throat razor

    Something I have always wanted to make is a cut throat razor, well that and lots of other blades, I think the list will never end! My question is, what thickness of stock and steels are suitable for a cut throat please, oh and in MM ;) Now as I have extremely painful tendons in both arms I...
  8. izafireman

    Scandi ponder

    Just pondering about a stainless blank I still haven't ground out which the customer wants as a Scandi grind. But I have been thinking is a pattern steel suitable for a Scandi grind as when it is sharpened the bevel will loose the etch wont it? I suppose it is no different than when a Scandi...
  9. izafireman

    Online Tuition

    Having signed up for an online tuition course a few years ago I was wondering what is about these days? Looking for something aimed at the stock removal guys and in particular a good tutorial on hollow grinds. Any pointers please?
  10. izafireman

    Diamond Lapping

    Had a pal of mine over yesterday and he was watching me handing finish an Elmax knife using papers. He asked why I was using paper for the Lion's share of the work and suggested using diamond lapping stones for the bulk of the work to save on papers and due to the fact they would be far faster...
  11. izafireman

    File Guard when Grinding

    I am going to try my hand at freehand grinding on the 10 inch hollow wheel. I am also going to try with the file guard clamped onto the knife. When I run the belt towards it to do the plunge do I finish just in front of the file guide of bump the belt lightly into the guide? Thanks in advance
  12. izafireman

    Calling the resin casters!

    Well I am moving from stabilising to casting my own blanks, be they fully resin or hybrid blanks. Trouble is I am getting conflicting advise regards which resins to use. So I am sure there will be some who cast here and wondered what folk use. I imagine many will use Alumilite which I can get...
  13. izafireman

    New Files advice

    I am looking to update my files for the purpose of making guards on hidden tang knives. As I have never made a guard or even made a hidden tang knife I would like some advice on what files to buy please in order I don't waste money on files that wont suit the purpose. So what would be the best...
  14. izafireman


    I was looking at buying some bronze today for guards etc and found a pre made guard made of Melchior. As I have never heard of this material I thought I would ask if anybody uses it or is it best avoided?
  15. izafireman

    Cleaver advice please

    In a couple of months I am going to grind my mate a camp knife cleaver. What would be the best grind to put on this please as I have never attempted a cleaver.
  16. izafireman

    Question about tempering

    I do a bit of wood stabilising and at the moment I use a small toaster oven. The oven is totally unreliable and so as I am also looking into heat treating my own steel and building a kiln I thought I would convert my toaster oven too a PID controller/thermocouple/body/wiring upgrade where...
  17. izafireman

    Knife write up LinkedIn by Uddeholm This is the knife I posted on here recently with the build write up.
  18. izafireman

    Curved blade grinding help please.

    I made these two knives recently and as you can see the curved blade has a 'Scandi' grind for deer gralloching ie stomach removal in the field. The curved blade was a challenge as I had the blade in a jig and had to move it along the belt in a sweeping/ curving motion in order to grind it as...
  19. izafireman

    Noisy compressor

    I am pretty sure someone on here will have a noisy compressor and will have fixed it. I am thinking of using a 24 mm hose of a meter in length which will go through the wall of the work shop to my smaller shed. The hose will then be connected to a muffler box which will have another hose...
  20. izafireman

    Pickling salts

    Having just had some stainless heat treated in a salt bath the heat treaters (I think ) did not neutralise the salts and so the blanks were quite rusty and pitted when I received them. I am cleaning them in pickling salts at the moment which seems to be doing the trick with the rust but it...