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  1. Adam Pound

    Why did nobody tell me, LOL!

    So I use a 1"x 30" to shape stock and do primary bevels on my blades, after using a hand grinder to rough cut the shape. After that all the bevelling and finishing is done with files and sandpaper. I thought I'd make a camp knife for me, (prototype of a new design idea), and a kitchen chopper...
  2. Adam Pound

    Paring knife

    First time trying a paring knife and first use of the new HT oven. Material is 1/16" 15N20, ground to almost a zero edge. That was fun. Handle is just plain old walnut and green spacer material. This was done just to see if I could work 1/16" successfully. Might do more of these actually, but I...
  3. Adam Pound


    Just scored a Thermolyne 48000 for $60 today, only slightly used. It came with an archaic controller though, an automatic no memory no ramp one. Does anybody know if this can be replaced with a newer aftermarket one?
  4. Adam Pound

    !st kitchen knife

    My first kitchen knife. 6" long, 1.5" wide, 3/16" thick 1084 with Zebrano wood handle scales. Hand made brass bolsters. Slices through tomatoes like a dream! Wasn't sure how hard getting a zero edge on that thickness was going to work, but it came out fine. A plus is that when cutting through...
  5. Adam Pound

    First sale

    Delete if not allowed...but just sold my first knife. To an old high school buddy, but hey it still counts. Even made a quick sheath to go with it, cheap one as I am not charging too much for the knife.
  6. Adam Pound

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone. Just got back into bashing and grinding, at 50. My name's Adam and I'm in Ottawa, Canada. Used to work as a CADCAM programmer / designer / sheet metal worker. Now working for the gun lobby up here. Knifemaking is a useful stress reliever, LOL. Just a couple of quick and dirty...