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    Awards are going out in the mail. If you noticed that something is not spelled right or something needs to be changed just let me know! Beth
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    Most of the voting is complete. I did leave Best New Builder and Forum Educator open for another day since these didn't work for a day or so. For the other categories, voting is closed. If you were the winner please contact me with the following information Name for on the plaque Your...
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    It is time to vote for the Knife Dogs awards. If someone sees something I missed let me know! Beth
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    2019 KD Members Choice Awards

    I have the categories posted. Nominations are up. We will have nominations open until Mar. 1st, and then the voting will begin. The entry rules are: The entries must have been posted with a picture on KnifeDogs during the year 2019. You can nominate yourself or any other member (please...
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    2019 KD Members Choice Awards - LEATHERWORKS

    Post your nominations here
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    2019 KD Members Choice Awards - Best WIP

    We have a number of talented knifemakers here who post pictures and details of their work as it progresses. The nominations should be clear and detailed enough to help fellow knifemakers learn new skills. Instead of pictures please post the link for the WIP.
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    2019 KD Members Choice Awards - KITCHEN KNIVES

    Post your nominations here
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    2019 KD Members Choice Awards - TACTICAL FOLDER

    Post your nominations here.
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    2019 KD Members Choice Awards - TOP DOG

    Who is our "TOP DOG"? Who is the one person you feel has done the most to make this site the success that it is, who makes your stay here more comfortable, who selflessly has helps others whether they are members or not, who spends their precious time in community service.????? Your...
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    2019 KD Members Choice Awards - TACTICAL FIXED BLADE

    Post your nominations here
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    2019 KD Members Choice Awards - NON TACTICAL FOLDERS

    Post your nominations here
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    2019 KD Members Choice Awards - BEST FORUM EDUCATOR

    We are looking for a member who was instrumental in educating other members here on knifedogs. This member should personify a willingness to help others and share their knowledge in an unselfish manner. Photos not required
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    2019 KD Members Choice Awards - BEST NEW BUILDER

    Post your nominations here. The nominee should have less than 2 years experience knifemaking. Please include a picture of the makers work
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    Polls are up

    Polls are ready to go. If you see something in error let me know! Beth
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    Congrats to all of the winners. Now to get information from you. Could you please send me a message with the following you want on the plaque: Name: Also I need to get your shipping address As soon as I have this information I can get the plaques ordered and onto you. Thank you!! Beth
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    Knife Dogs award polls are up. You will have 20 days to place your vote!!!
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    Relist - Hurricane Help - R. Stockford Knife

    We will start the bidding at $25.00 this auction will last for 30 days. Donation from Dennis Morland (DeMo) R. Stockford knife 01 Steel Maple Handle Leather Sheath OAL: 6” Blade Length 2.5” We did not hear from the last person that won this one, so it is back to Auction Beth