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    A new work rest just hit the market

    I posted this elsewhere but figured I'd post it up here too. This post is basically functioning as a review/intro Hey guys, really excited about this but first - full disclosure. I have had Darren Nutt (Owner of Contender Machine Works) do some lathe work for me on contact wheels in the past...
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    Neat buffer set up...

    Thought I'd share. Wouldn't be that difficult I wouldn't imagine too make a tumbler attachment as well
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    Anyone here use a surface grinder attachment?

    Curious on how many blades you can get out of one 60 or 120 grit belt, and if you can also list how much stock removal you're doing that would be great! I'm trying to Gauge whether or not I should get one soon for an upcoming batch... Need to remove .020" in the annealed condition and they are...
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    Name change

    I got notified a few weeks ago by another company that I could no longer use the words 'Razor Edge' in my business name. So I am changing to REK Knives (REK just won't stand for anything but at least it will let me keep my logo lol). Can I get my user name changed to 'REK Knives'? Thanks!
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    How I blast tangs before glue up

    First I tape the blade and temporarily put the scales on with pins... Then I use a razor and cut around the tip of the scales. Next I remove the scales and put some blasting tape just barely over the other tape so it does don't get messed up. This allows for GREAT adhesion!
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    NWG platen/belt issue, need help/thoughts

    Hey guys. I have been having an issue w/ my belt sitting off one side of the platen by something like 1/32" or something. What I mean is that it is not touching the platen, not that it's not tracking properly. It's not much but it's enough to throw my grinds/edges off a little bit. I have done...
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    Supplied Air vs. particulate filter... thoughts?

    Hey guys. I wanted to get everyone's take and experience on this. Currently I use the 3m Half mask with the P100 particulate cartridges from amazon while in my shop. It is extremely important to me to protect my lungs (and it should be to you too!) So I am not really sure if this is cutting it...
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    Knife making supplies?

    I posted this on another forum and someone recommended I post here (duh) so I searched around a little bit here first and couldn't find a similar post... I just picked up a used gen 1 paragon HT oven w/ a bad control board for $220. Fortunately I already have a brand new PID controller on...
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    Lanyard tubing - both on fixed and folders, need help

    What do you guys use? I am wanting a source where I can get the lanyard tubing pictured below... this way the liners/scales can be removable. I know on fixed blades you can just epoxy tubing in, but i don't want to do this. I couldn't find anything on usa knife makers supply.
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    My first completed knife, g10 and cerakoted

    Took a bit as I was doing it in my spare time, but it's finally done! I'll get more specs soon, but for now: 5" blade length 1095 steel 58 hrc in blade and 51 in handle Tapered tang and lightly skeletonized liners Cerakoted Soon to have a ferro notch I have a lot of flaws in this one since...
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    Anyone converted your grinder to water-cooled?

    I am curious... I thin I could do this to my NWG if I can borrow a friend's welder. anyone else done it? Also, will the black duro wheels/bearings hold up to that or do you have to have special ones? I am thinking about a tray all they away around the belt area and then using a kool mist. It may...
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    Fixed blade handles - need help

    So I have looked around but can't find much informatoin (that's not on youtube as my work computer won't let me view videos there). I am getting ready to make my first knife and just got 2 slabs of green g10 (kind of translucent) from trugrit. Can anyone give me tips or point me in the right...
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    What belts do you recommend for 2x72? (rough through finish grit)

    Hey guys! I have gone through a lot of trial and error on my own with belts, polishing compounds, and even different sharpening systems.... this ends up wasting a lot of money in the long run lol. So I want to get your input on what belts you recommend? I want a good progression for roughing in...
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    WTS: Benchmade Bone Collector, full sized, D2 steel, exc condition

    Hey guys... Selling my much loved BC because I'm saving for another knife. I really love Benchmade's D2 (61-62rc) which seems to hold a better edge than their S30V. Anyway, it's been used but by no means abused, the g10 scales are in pretty much perfect condition, there are a few scratches on...
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    Hey guys!

    I have already posted several posts here... just came to get support for my NWG! but now I think I'll stay as this forum rocks! I am a professional knife sharpener here in Greenville, SC. It started as a hobby about 3 years ago and moved up from there as I built my business. Now I have a...
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    Belts for specific application - recommendations?

    I know there are a bunch of threads out there on belt selection and I have read through a lot of material. What I am wanting to know is from you experienced guys what your first hand experience is and what you would recommend for my application. I have a guy wanting me to put the primary...
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    No Weld Grinder questions

    I just built this thing within the past 3-4 weeks and have been having much trouble with it :2: First, it was an alignment issue, but I think I got that pretty much figured out (I took a piece of flat bar stock and put it up to the side of each wheel to make sure the other wheels lined up). I...
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    Why are tracking wheels "crowned"?

    seems to me like they should be concave in the center to track much easier and better... I am having trouble w/ my NWG - the belt is slipping to one side of the tracking wheel or the other instead of staying in the middle... causing serious issues. any ideas? thanks