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  1. Adam Pound

    Mini Dagger Mini WIP -Final pro photos

    Wow! Love everything so far!
  2. Adam Pound

    Hunting knife handle

    Ooh man, you are going to get a lot of replies...I used to use a mix of linseed oil and melted beeswax on my handmade bows. That worked well for them, but not a lot of wear and blood involved. I have just been using a lot of Tru oil on my handles recently. I also use Lignum Vitae and blood wood...
  3. Adam Pound


    I just signed up with them but have not actually looked into their terms too much. They seem pretty good so far...
  4. Adam Pound

    Surgery-Thoughts and Prayers for my daughter (Update)

    Anytime one goes under anaesthetic, it's a risk! Sending good vibes her way!
  5. Adam Pound

    Memories of Tanzania Dagger

    Absolutely gorgeous! They'll love it.
  6. Adam Pound

    Cheap Gift Knife

    I think that it might also be a measure of how we as makers define "cheap". To me if the materials cost are a certain amount, I will define my knife as "cheap to make", but only so far as the materials are concerned. I would agree that the OP has made a beautiful knife using"cheap to source"...
  7. Adam Pound

    Cheap Gift Knife

    I'd be over the moon to be gifted with a knife like that! Very nice thing of you to do.
  8. Adam Pound

    What's going on in your shop?

    Finished off my first dagger prototype proof of concept. Pretty happy with the concept. Shaping the pommel by hand using files and a drill press
  9. Adam Pound

    First Hamon 26c3

    Definitely following this as I have been wanting to try that steel after reading about it on the AKS site...
  10. Adam Pound

    What's the best way to sell knives as a hobbyist, not as a business?

    Pretty much what I was thinking. Build up inventory and then I might open an Etsy store or something. That's a while away though, LOL!
  11. Adam Pound

    What's the best way to sell knives as a hobbyist, not as a business?

    Hey Derek, I was just watching some of your YouTube stuff yesterday. Did you look into operating as a sole proprietorship or a limited company? From what I read on the CRA website years ago, there were not many benefits to being just a sole prop...I had one here on Ontario years ago for my CAD work.
  12. Adam Pound

    thoughts on kitchen knives

    Honestly, no you do not need a full flat grind, but this was my first one, and I felt like challenging myself to see if I could pull it off. Happy to say that I did!
  13. Adam Pound

    thoughts on kitchen knives

    Yep, my favourite is a utility I made. 1/16" 15N20, 6" long flat grind and still sharp after MUCH use. Cuts through everything you just listed :)
  14. Adam Pound

    !st kitchen knife

    Thanks Scott!
  15. Adam Pound

    Live and Learn

    Oooh, that's harsh...
  16. Adam Pound

    What's going on in your shop?

    Randy, what thickness are you using for the chef's knife? I just gave my brother one (kitchen chopper, first pic) that I made using 0.125" AEBL. Not sure if that was a normal thickness to use or not for a chopper. Did another just for me in 0.093" AEBL. That works really nicely.
  17. Adam Pound

    A different stroke

    Beautiful work! That walnut looks amazing.
  18. Adam Pound

    What's going on in your shop?

    I'm just picky :D
  19. Adam Pound

    What's going on in your shop?

    Damn, only 18 years for me...
  20. Adam Pound

    First Knife Request

    Beautiful! Love the guard shape, and a 2 tone copper will look great! Your customer is a going to be over the moon.