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  1. Drew Riley

    Tip up or tip down?

    I have used and carried both, but always favored tip up for some reason. Maybe it's the clip location, or maybe just how I've gotten use to pulling the knife out of my pocket and opening. Maybe it's a little bit of both.
  2. Drew Riley

    Scales removal tool for PM2/Manic/Tenacious and other Spyderco knives with a tight lanyard tube

    Gotta love simple tools... even more so when they work!
  3. Drew Riley

    Looking for a budget knife!

    Good question... they both make decent knives for the money, though I feel like the last couple of RRs I bought had a slightly better fit and finish than the last Schrade I bought. Not that it was bad per say. I'd say you wouldn't go wrong with either, for the money anyway.
  4. Drew Riley

    Looking for a budget knife!

    Welcome! Kershaw has a pretty decent number of assisted openers in the $25 or less range. Schrade has a few as well.
  5. Drew Riley


    I'm with Ken. It sounds like you have a single phase motor, and your typical VFD requires a 3 phase motor to function. With that said, the KBAC-27d is one of the few options out there that will get you 1.5hp on 110VAC. Most of your sub $100 chinese made VFDs wiill require 220VAC input, or if...
  6. Drew Riley

    Looking for opinions on grinders

    There's so many options out there these days that if you ask 10 different makers what you should by, you'll likely get 11 different suggestions.
  7. Drew Riley

    Allow me

    Merry Christmas everybody!
  8. Drew Riley

    Hello from IN

    Welcome! Always good to see a fellow Hoosier. What part of Indiana are you from?
  9. Drew Riley

    Parks 50

    I stand corrected. That's good to know. From what I remember, Parks' former owners wouldn't give the average Joe the time of day. Apparently their new owners are much more accommodating. The steel bucket is a nice touch too!
  10. Drew Riley

    Parks 50

    Maxim Oil used to have the best pricing as far as I recall. IIRC, they charge about $100 for 5 gallons, and somewhere around $50 on average for shipping, so around $30 per gallon. I don't think they sell less than 5 gallon buckets, though most makers really should be using more than a gallon for...
  11. Drew Riley

    RWL-34 drop point

    That's a beautiful piece. Well done!
  12. Drew Riley

    Sog seal pup

    You could probably build a frame style handle fairly easily out of something like micarta or g10.
  13. Drew Riley

    Smoking deal on belts.

    If it were me, I'd probably try to keep them at 160" long, and make a longer tool arm to accommodate the extra length. :D Might even add some intermediate idlers and run it in a serpentine configuration to help shorten things up a bit. Or you could make a "super platen" with a few different...
  14. Drew Riley

    What about stonewash finish

    For what you'd pay for a vibratory bowl tumbler, I'd just buy a cheap cement mixer from Harbor Freight and throw some rocks in it. Alternatively, there's a number of videos on youtube for make a rotary style tumbler with anything from a pvc pipe to a 5 gallon bucket and some roller skate wheels.
  15. Drew Riley

    Folder Book

    Not a book, per say, but Chris Crawford had a good amount of slipjoint making videos on his website.
  16. Drew Riley

    Cheap Gift Knife

    That’s a beautiful piece!
  17. Drew Riley

    Now this is a cool grinder

    Yeah, Hardcore products and accessories are generally pretty pricey. They’re after that California money. :D
  18. Drew Riley

    Now this is a cool grinder

    If you like that grinder, check out "The Maximizer" by Hardcore Products. It'll set you back about $6k IIRC, though. o_O
  19. Drew Riley


    To give the short answer: Yes, you can use an 8" wheel, 52100 will work, and I would grind it hard. Heat treat and quench a blade that's .005" at the edge, and you're gonna have a bad day. To give a slightly longer answer: wheel diameters and stock thickness will depend on what size razor you...
  20. Drew Riley

    Knife Shows

    Wait... hold on a minute... say WHAT?!? What month is this? What week? Who's president? o_O