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    Stormcrow does it gain

    Stormcrow does it again !!! Congratulations James well done...I just got my new addition of Blade Magazine and saw one of your hawks in it. Great write up... Don
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    Heat Treating W2 from Aldo

    Okay so I have some W2 coming from Aldo and I have never used a water quenching steel. I as wondering if anyone here has experience using it and how you are heat treating / quenching it. As always any help is greatly appreciated...I pm'd LRB on this same subject and when he answers I will...
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    One for my middle son...

    Hey guys it has been a very long time since I have posted anything so I thought I would post my latest Neo Tribal effort. I made this one for my 20 year old son just because. The steel is Aldo's 1084 and the wood is Bocote finished with tru-oil and stainless pins and tube. Thanks for looking.
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    Filet Knife Question

    First question: Assuming stainless steel is the best option...which SS should I use. Along with your answer could you also please give an overview of heat treating for the given steel. I have never worked with SS before but I do have an oven for temp control. Second Question: Would...
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    Re-Building my 25# Little Giant

    Title says it all...I bought this thing about three months ago and barely used it. I noticed that the rear main bearing had a crack started at the back end so I took off both main bearing caps and both main bearings were cracked. I think whoever re-built it previously may have used babbitt...
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    Questions about Little Giant 25lb Hammer

    I am going to look at a Little Giant 25lb Hammer tomorrow. It appears from the pictures to be in very good condition. It is supposed to be a "new model"from around 1947. Aside from the obvious...cracks/ loose bearings / or abuse. What are things I should be looking for when looking at...
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    Just finished one up...a lot of firsts with this one.

    The blade was forged from 1/4" 5160 then filed and sanded by hand. The fittings are mild steel with a hammered finish. On to the firsts...first hidden tang...first knife done 99% by hand...first elk antler handle...first knife with a guard and pommel and finally ...first knife with a...
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    Question about filework.

    I am working on my first Bowie...and I am going to do a vine pattern on the spine. Is it better to file pre or post heat treat? This knife is stretching me as a knife will be my first first hidden tang and my first sharpened clip point blade. I am really taking my time...
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    Question about filework

    I am working on my first Bowie...and I am going to do a vine pattern on the spine. Is it better to file pre or post heat treat? This knife is stretching me as a knife will be my first first hidden tang and my first sharpened clip point blade. I am really taking my time...
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    O1 Neck Knives for sale w/Concealex Sheaths

    O1 Neck Knives for sale w/Concealex Sheaths ***PRICE REDUCED*** Up first is a 7 3/4" Length blade with Jade Ghost handle with black liners and Stainless pin and tube. $75.00 shipped Second is 7 3/8" with Dark Brown Micarta handles with stainless pin and tube. SOLD. Thanks for looking.
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    Another Question about Concealex.

    I am using a toaster oven as I do not (YET) own a heat gun. What temp should I set it for? Thanks in advance... Don
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    Trying Concealex for the first time and I have a question...

    Most of the You Tube tutorials I have seen for using this type of material show cutting it with a bandsaw. I don't have one so I was wondering if it can be cut with tin snips without cracking. Or would it be better to mount my jig saw up to my router table and cut it that way? Any help...
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    My most recent work.

    Here are three I just finished for a guy here in Arizona. All three are 3/16" O1 flat ground and the handles are Cocobolo, Green Canvas Micarta, and Camel Bone. ( first time working with bone...pew) Pins and tubes are stainless steel. It is also my first time trying a cross-draw/small of the...
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    My First Scandi Grind

    Here is a Bushcrafter I made for a guy in Pennsylvania. Blade is 3/16" O1 and 5 3/8" Long Overall Length is 9 5/8" Handle is Cocobolo with black liners Ferro Rod has a matching handle Pins are Stainless Steel
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    Finishing Micarta handles

    Hey guys I just did my first knife with Micarta handles. What are you guys using to finish Micarta with? I sanded out to a 320 grit and I couldn't seem to to get the colors to come out in it. It seemed to show better with only the 120 grit paper but I thought if felt too rough. Help...
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    For sale 8 3/4" Hunter in O1

    This knife was forged from O1 tool steel and has a 4 1/4" blade and Corian Scales. Pins and lanyard tube are made from Stainless Steel. Comes with the custom leather sheath. Price SOLD Thanks for looking. Hammer not included...
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    My latest work. It is based on the ESEE-4

    Let me know what you guys think. Steel: O1 Handle: Corian Color: Chamois Pins: Stainless Steel I took the sheath a little further than I normally do to. Still trying to improve the skillsets.
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    I need some "HELP"

    Okay guys I am almost finished with my first knife with liners between the steel and wood. I am using Cocobolo scales with black and white liners the order is; steel, black liner, white liner, Cocobolo. It all glued up okay and sanded out smooth but my white liner is getting strained from the...
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    Anyone know whats up with Tracy's website?

    I have been trying to get on there since yesterday and it just keeps giving me a message that they have exceeded their bandwidth.
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    My First Bushcrafter O1 with full flat grind

    SOLD to EdgeDawg...thanks Mark Well here is my latest effort O1 tool steel with cocobolo handles and brass pins. It is 8-1/2" long with a 4-1/4" also includes a fire steel with a matching handle and a wet formed leather sheath. I am asking $100.00 plus $4.95 shipping on this one.