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    Hi all, I've been missing in action quite a while but alive and well. The weathers' absolutely dismal here in the north east but there's a bright spot Sunday, Nov 4 in Marlboro MA. Get out of the house and come to the show, lots of shiny stuff to gawk at and good conversation. see you there...
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    Need a Feather Pattern Damascus billet Try Randy....he's got a sub forum here too.
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    Ephoxy Dye

    Black carpenters' chalk. Its worked for decades, one bottle will last a few lifetimes. Rudy
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    Serrated vs. un-serrated contact wheel?

    For hollow grinds : An 8" serrated gets there quick full speed, both profiling and cutting in the initial bevels. After Ht, I use the 10" or bigger smooth wheel for the finish grinds. The smooth wheel seems to like a medium speed with lighter pressure. The smooth wheel seems to want to jump up...
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    Questions about a pull ring knife

    This maker seems to know what he's doing. Maybe you can get a few ideas. Google "Spanish fighting knife" Or "Spanish dueling knife" Rudy
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    Questions about a pull ring knife
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    Case M3 with 7 Grooves Ruleford This place will keep you busy for a while. If it was carried in combat in there someplace...tons of links. Rudy
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    Wilson perpetrator and test blocks deal.

    Try E-bay ? I stumbled into pages of listings. Type in "rockwell test blocks". Rudy
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    USN MKII Camillus threaded nut

    There's a wealth of info here. The links at the bottom will almost certainly get you to where you want to be. Only problem is, every time I do stop to look...I wonder where the day went. Pack a lunch. Rudy
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    Five knife order with African wood Look this place over, there's many African woods. There's no substitute for looking the pieces over personally but the Mopani and Tamboti turned out to be a good gamble. Many African woods don't require stabilizing or can't be stabilized because...
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    From Belgium

    Oui, je parle toutjour avec ma famille la, je suis venu ici en '63. Tu fait des couteau auci ? A la chase ! Rudy
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    From Belgium

    Welcome to KD and America. I've been Americanized but I'm originally from Charleroi and lived in Diest and Monceau. Long, long time ago. Rudy
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    Cutlers Rivets

    Tricky little buggers huh ? When I did use cutler rivets, you have to throw precision out the window. The mouth trumpets outwards and the middle bulges. The best remedy was to assemble the whole handle with hidden guide pins, a 3/32 pin just in front and aft of the pin locations sticking up...
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    Profitability check

    If you want to feel a little better... Go to ETSY and punch in "custom cutlery". There's people doing 2 and 3 knife kitchen sets in the $100-$200 range. I'm going to assume the materials and quality are reasonable but at those prices...why go to work or even try ? Personally , I've always gone...
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    Just your basic Stacked Handled Knife

    I'm liking that...very well done. Rudy
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    Afzalia xylay and forged 5160

    Somebody stepped up their game...nice work. Rudy
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    Stag and Hamon. Been a while

    Beautiful lines on that one, well done. Rudy
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    Introduction, Mark Knapp

    Welcome Mark. Looking forward to sample your wares, you're work speaks for itself. Rudy
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    Stacked Leather Hunter

    Thanks MV. Stacked leather handles are my favorite thing to do. They remind me of being a kid in the early 60s and drewling over the Western Auto knife display case, it seems (to me) that 99% of knives had stacked leather back then. You'll do a couple or three before you're really happy with...
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    New to 1075, advice please. Save the chart. All good starting points but not written in stone. Test some of your work and adjust from there. 1075 is listed under spring steels. Rudy