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  1. backtines

    Drawn To The Bone, Episode One!!

    Hey guys! Last year I posted a thread about my son making a knife for a special friend of his. As previously stated, my son was in the process of filming his own hunting show called "Drawn To The Bone." The first episode is now complete! It is a dream of his to have his own hunting show. He has...
  2. backtines

    A little dffernt for me

    I tried something a little different this time . The shape of this knife looks and is a lot different from the knives I'm used to making , but boy does it feel great in the hand . I've looked at so many knives like most all of you do and I just took a few ideas and just went with it. The truth...
  3. backtines

    All good until....

    I REALIZED THE SCALES WERE CRACKED !!! I usually use 1/4 stainless for my bolsters . In this case I used some 1/8 material. I had purchased this stainless to use for a folder that I'll get to finishing some day. I thought it would be nice to make a knife a little more sleeker up front.. What...
  4. backtines

    First slipjoint , need some advice

    Hey Guys I figured Id give this a shot at making a slip joint. I started making this knife a few days ago . I didn't copy an existing blade or spring , I just winged it , so I know my dimensions may be off in certain areas. One thing Id like to know is , After i make my spring and blade ...
  5. backtines

    First attempt at trying to make a slip joint

    I guess you gotta start somewhere.
  6. backtines

    A few for 2015

    Heres a a few I finished I just finished up. All 1095 5/32, 416 bolsters and pins. Ironwood scales on two and one with imitation mother of pearl. The one with the etching is for a game dinner, it's the second year I've made one for them. I'm pretty happy about that. Thanks for looking...
  7. backtines

    Hunting season 2014

    Here's a few pics of our 2014 season. I'd say we did pretty good , but Mikey was boss this season! Thanks for looking. [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] [/URL]
  8. backtines

    It's been a little while

    Hey guys , it's been a little while since I've posted anything or even made anything. After reaching out to you guys , For me, I understand that knife making comes and goes. I found myself just wanting to just take a break for a while, and spend some time in the woods with my son when I had the...
  9. backtines

    Loosing the drive ????

    Guys , I don't know what's happened to me but I feel like I lost the drive to make knives.. I mean it's hunting season over here and I'm finding myself taking my son out every minute I can , not giving any time to even think about knives. I hope that's what it is.. Does anyone one ever feel...
  10. backtines

    A few for a father and son

    Just finished up these two for two good friends of mine ( father and son team )I showed the ironwood skinner In a previous thread. The other knife is a really nice comfortable knife with green micarta scales.. I'm sending them off in the morning. Thanks for looking. [
  11. backtines

    Ironwood skinner

    Here's one finished up with some ironwood scales .. I think I may have etched the logo in a little deeper then I wanted , but should make a pretty good skinner anyway .. Thanks for looking.. [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] [/URL]
  12. backtines

    Beautiful engraving with some ivory scales..

    I just got this one one back from the engraver ( Doug Sutherland ) I think he did a beautiful job on the engraving. I love it ! The scales are ivory which will later be scrimshawed. The steel is 1095, pins and bolster are 416 w/ 3/32 pins. Thanks for looking. [/URL] [/URL] [/URL]
  13. backtines

    Elk scales with a piece of aged 1095

    I made this one for a friend. I aged the blade and domed the pins. I kept a pretty good amount of bark on these scales, had to do a lot of smelly grinding on the inside though. No blowout or potholes while drilling out the pin holes either. I'm pretty excited to give this one to him. Thanks...
  14. backtines

    My latest aged blade wih ivory scales

    My latest .. 1095, 416 bolsters and pins, coyote claw on sheath and ivory scales. I kinda aged the sheath a little on this one too. It's hard to pick up the various shades from the pic. Thanks for looking. [/URL] [/URL] [/URL]...
  15. backtines

    Some more stuff

    You guys may have seen a few of these knives before, but the rest of these knives have been in a pile of unfinished and experimental design knives. I figured to spend some time and try and finish up what I started and make sheaths for them. At least I got some of this stuff done for now. Thanks...
  16. backtines

    1st Dagger w/ Engraving

    After a bunch of attempts on making a dagger and trying to get the blade to look balanced , I think this one came out ok. I suggested to the owner to have the bolsters engraved ,and he agreed.. Thank you Doug Sutherland for the beautiful engraving. Thanks for looking. 1095 steel with aged...
  17. backtines

    Never Out Of The Fight

    Never Out Of The Fight ! I started a thread a little while back called ““ . ( you can see the whole build here ) The thread is about a fantastic gesture my son did for another man. He made him a knife , not just a...
  18. backtines

    Few more finished

    Here's a few knives that I finished up .. The two aged blades are 1095 with black canvas micarta and some jigged bone. I had a little piece of Damascus laying around for a while so I made this one with a set of white micarta scales and black carbon pins.. ( thanks Rudy ).. Thanks for...
  19. backtines

    Curious Disk Grinder Question ??

    Hey guys , Just wondering if any of you use some type of pad or backing on your 9" disk grinder ? If so , can you tell me the advantages ? I curently dont use anything on mine, because an old man gave me my first three tips on knife makeing.. #1 Flat , #2 Flat , #3 Flat. So with...
  20. backtines

    Giraffe bone and 1095

    Made this one with giraffe bone scales about 8 months ago.. I really took a liking to this knife and didn't want to give it up.. A friend of mine who I haven't seen in a long time came to visit.. Needless to say he too fell in love with this nice knife. I guess it was time to let it go.. Have...