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  1. Eddie Mullins

    Paragon E9AX used value / reviews

    I just found a use Paragon E9AX for $225, looks like new but is loser model and missing thermocouple. Just looking for feedback on cost and suitability for small HT oven.
  2. Eddie Mullins

    Hardness tester - use and accuracy on forged blades?

    I am considering buying a hardness tester at some point, but as I primarily forge blades, I am wondering if it is even a worthwhile investment. From what I can understand, the reading is only accurate on flat surfaces. As I will forge in the initial bevel, I am wondering if I could even test the...
  3. Eddie Mullins

    Knives from band saw blades

    I got a couple of industrial metal band saw blades to see if they would make decent knives. I did an oil quench and they broke like glass, across the full width of the blade. I like to forge but they are just too thin, about .045 and .035 if I recall correctly. They do however grind so easily I...
  4. Eddie Mullins

    First frame handle - 21 inch Bowie

    Thanks to those that replied to my earlier post. This is the end result, a 21" OAL frontier style bowie, left rusting looking per customer request. It was forged from 5160, 15 1/2" blade, mild steel...
  5. Eddie Mullins

    Acraglas Instructions

    I recently changed to Acraglas and am putting together my 2nd knife with it, unfortunately, I misplaced the instructions : ( . I remembered to mix at a 1:4 ratio and stir for 4 minutes, but could not recall the cure time(s). The gel instructions are available to download but I can not find the...
  6. Eddie Mullins

    Correcting post quench warp during temper

    Just thought I'd share my method for correcting warp post quench. I have done this before and am currently doing so on my longest knife to date, a forged 5160, 1/4" thick, 1 1/2" wide, 15 1/2" blade. After the first 2 hour temper cycle I start applying 3 point pressure to correct through...
  7. Eddie Mullins

    Need Reccomnedations for a Guard on a Full Tang

    I have a request for a full tang hunter's short sword with a guard. I have seen a Bruce Bump Bowie build using a frame to give the look of a full tang, and the Loveless method sliding the guard on from the blade end, but it restricts the blade profile, are there other methods? Would I be better...
  8. Eddie Mullins

    DIY Grinder - Link to project

    Don't recall where I found this link, but don't think it was here so thought I would share. Seems like a pretty straight forward design and well documented build.
  9. Eddie Mullins

    Repair question - Knife / Bayonet from late Vet

    I have been asked if I could "tighten up" this bayonet. It now belongs to the daughter of the vet who brought it back home and has passed on. I have only seen pictures but the handle is thought to be a rubber material and it and the guard are now loose. It looks like the tang passes through the...
  10. Eddie Mullins

    Antlered handled drop point skinner

    This was a Christmas gift for my father n law this year. Its just my 2nd full tang knife, new 5160 blade and mild steel fittings. I didn't have a disc sander for the first one, it made lots of difference for fitting the handle to the guard and pommel. I managed a pretty good fit, but can see...
  11. Eddie Mullins

    What smithing related tools are used for forging blades?

    I'm not sure I am asking this correctly, but I was wondering if there are any smithing tools being used for forging blades? and if so, how? For example I have seen Godzilla posted on a thread somewhere on here, it was I believe a swing arm fuller, but couldn't tell what it was being used for...
  12. Eddie Mullins

    Blade shapes, history and uses - information sources

    After seeing some blades I was not familiar with, such as the Nessmuk I have been surfing the net trying to find some resources on the different blade types, their history and uses. I am finding bits and pieces but nothing comprehensive. I'm looking for as many styles/shapes with...
  13. Eddie Mullins

    Slit and Drift Bolster

    I have been surfing videos on Youtube, and every so often there is an Ah Ha moment, and I just had one. On1 video the maker opted to slit and then drift the hole in the bolster and then fit it to the tang hot. I've only made 1 bolster so far and spent hours trying to fit it, I love forging and...
  14. Eddie Mullins

    Is a forged folder practical?

    I am about ready to make my first folder and am at a bit of a quandary. I'd love to forge the blade, but because of the exacting tolerance for blade and spring, I'm not sure its practical due to the material which will be lost for scale removal, etc. I don't have a mill or surface grinder so am...
  15. Eddie Mullins

    1st Antlered Handled WIP - with questions

    I thought I'd document my process here for my first hidden tang knife. This is more so for my benefit, but perhaps it may help another new maker. This knife is almost finished and ready to be delivered to my father as a Christmas present. I started this project because he gave me a set of...
  16. Eddie Mullins

    220V Kiln Plug N Play Digital Controller wiring

    I have a manual controlled kiln and am ready to upgrade to digital. Actually have 2, my wife does pottery and we both want to go digital. I have been reading here and elsewhere on wiring but still not quite ready to break into to the kilns current wiring to tie in the PID and SSR's. I am also...
  17. Eddie Mullins

    Antler scales / handles ???'s

    OK, so I have been planning to try my hand at making a knife using whitetail antler as the handle or as scales for a full tang. I was telling my dad about this and he gave me a set from a buck he killed a few years. Long story short, I want to make him a knife using them for Christmas. They...
  18. Eddie Mullins

    First knife and sheath set finished and put to work

    I haven't been on here in a while, been back to forging / smithing instead of blade work for a while. I forged a few knives that have made their way to a collection of 2nd's and have only finished 2 to put to use. 1 a kitchen cleaver/chopper and the 2nd a little skinning knife. I actually made...
  19. Eddie Mullins

    Tong Styles - What does or Could work best for forging knives?

    Since my smithing interests have now incorporated knife making, I've realized its time to make myself some more tongs. I currently use flat Jaw, bolt and a smaller set of box jaw tongs. I was planning to do a set or two of larger sized box jaw tongs, but am now thinking the blade style or...
  20. Eddie Mullins

    Handle design for comfortable fit and balance

    I want to make my own knife and handle designs, not just copy and existing patterns and am trying to figure out the best approach to do so. I sketched out a knife Friday, and attempted to forge one Saturday. I may post some WIP pics of the process, but what I discovered was that the handle just...