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    purchasing new grinder questions

    I am looking for some advice. I am close to being ready to upgrade from my Coote grinder. Looking at the KMG and Polar Bear Forge GIB. I am really wanting a smooth running machine with no vibration. Any thoughts about the difference with the drive systems? What about how handy is the rest...
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    coote grinder upgrade

    I appreciate my Coote grinder for the value. However, the rest is a real pain, requiring the platen to be removed to install or remove the rest. Here is my cheap solution. 2" tube drilled and tapped and bolted to the side of the machine, set screw in the top and 1/2' plate for the rest. Works...
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    chasing scratches

    Building a hunting knife for a friend for Christmas. All done but time to buff, found a scratch in the stainless bolster that I could not stand. Back to grinder and whoops, just ruined the bolster completely. It seems I am having a tough time with the stainless bolsters lately. I am getting...
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    paring knife

    This is my first post. I never considered my work good enough. I posted this primarily to show off the Maple Burl that I purchased from Mike928. It is a little thick in the tang, but she wanted it to be heavier in the hand than my normal. Hope you like it. Thanks Mike! Bryce Eller
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    oops cpm154 annealing

    I could use some advice after an obviously poor decision. Bought some CPM 154 from Boss. Cut into big rectangles with a bandsaw. Profiled on the bench grinder. I felt like I may have overheated it in the profiling, so I decided to anneal it. Did not think about needing to use the SS foil...
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    what steel decision

    I would appreciate some advice. I am ready to make the jump from saw blade steel to a more controlled type. I have been making knives off and on for 3 years with most being stock removal. I primarily make kitchen and hunting knives. I intend to purchase a quality kiln in the next few...
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    drill bits ??

    I have started using bolsters and would like to drill my pin holes after I heat treat and have the bolster installed. The HSS bits don't cut it. I have my drill press at it's slowest speed and use cutting oil. Suggestions??
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    new forge question

    I just received my new NC Tool Forge. I am going to build a stand for it. I could use some advise for height. I was thinking about elbow height. I am thinking of making a place for tongs and possibly an adjustable shelf for long stock. Any photos would be helpful.
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    help cru forge v

    I bought some to play with and cannot seem to anneal it properly. I heat to non-magnetic and place in vermiculite with hot railroad spikes and let it cool overnight. Tried to straighten the blades and broke (2) of them. They were very fine grained and hard. Any suggestions?
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    pinning steel bolsters

    I am ready to try my first SS bolster. How much pin length do I need to fill the bevel in the hole? I think I read somewhere that 1/2 of the diameter. Also, do you guys glue it as well? It seems like I should glue it to insure no moisture creeps between the blade and bolster. Thanks!!