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  1. Lyon

    Once more unto the breach!

    Just got the next folder out of the mind and on to paper! The top drawing is the initial drawing (by GD Clark. Friend and knife making accomplice). The next step was to get it into plexiglass to make sure it would function properly and to also test how it will fit in the hand. After that was...
  2. Lyon

    My first custom folder!

    Hi all, Here is my first custom folder worth showing. A big thank you to the knife making community for sharing information and a shout out to Bruce Bump for letting me come by now and then and ask questions. It isn't perfect but it is getting close. Some of the things that I am proud of are...
  3. Lyon

    How to reduce handling marks on anodized titanium?

    I finally have the handles done on the folder I am working on! Is there something I can do to help reduce handling marks so that it can have a higher level of appearance when it is getting passed around and not on display. Currently is is not coated with anything as I didn't want to do anything...
  4. Lyon

    Carbidizing help please.

    Hi all, I am working on a folding knife with a titanium liner. I was doing the final fit of the lock bar and some how it is now too deep on the lock face. (This is my first time doing this BTW) I am pretty sure that the voltage I was using to carbidize the lock bar was too high (25V) and I ate...
  5. Lyon

    Allah LockBar!

    :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: Never hurts to say a prayer. I haven't cut many lock bars and it still gives me a pretty good sweat. Here is a bit of a video. Start off by picking your lines for the lock bar and lock face...
  6. Lyon

    Custom folding kinfe WIP.

    Thread Index. I decided to do individual post for each aspect of the knife. It should make it easier to discuss each aspect and keep a good continuity through out the post. I will add links to my posts for people to reference comments that are beneficial and informative.
  7. Lyon

    So close... But no cigar. Folding knife proof of concept.

    Hey all, I have been working on my first folding knife and figured I would post it up. Between figuring out how to do the "stuff" and getting my equipment up to par to get the quality I need I easily have 100 hrs into this. This next week I will learn how to do CAD drawing and modify my build...
  8. Lyon

    Upgraded my grinder!

    Hi all, I finally got my new grinder built. I went with a 21 inch wheel for hollow grinding and added a KMG tool arm on the opposite end. My reasoning was that if I was going to build a variable speed grinder and invest in the motor and controls I may as well stretch my money as far as I could...
  9. Lyon

    Tapmatic and forming tap question.

    I am about to pull the trigger and get a tapmatic as they are %35 off at What type of forming tap should I get (HSS, coboalt, coating, and such)? I am wanting to stay in the 0-80 to 2-56 range. Thanks,
  10. Lyon

    A quick teaser.

    I had been waiting for a piece of steel for the grinder build and it finally came in:biggrin: 12in X 34in X .5 in. I did a quick mock up before I start hitting it with the welder this weekend and figured I would post it up.
  11. Lyon

    CAD/Drawing software?

    I am trying to design a folder and the graphing paper that I use for fixed knives is not cutting it anymore. I won't be having any CNC done but I do have a digital read out on my mill so the accuracy of measurement would be nice. Does anybody have any experience with any open-source/free...
  12. Lyon

    Large diameter grinding wheel build.

    I have been wanting to get a proper grinder built and was fortunate to be able to get my hands on a couple of wheels. I am lucky to live close to Bruce Bump and he had come across some 20 inch band saw wheels that were begging for a new life :biggrin:. The wheels were 20X1.4 ish. Bruce was...
  13. Lyon

    Hi all.

    I have been making knives off and on for a few years. I have a 3 and almost 5 year old which I was glad to give up my shop shop time for but I am finally finding more time out in the shop so I think it is time to fully engage and stop lurking! Looking forward to joining the community. Matt