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  1. Brian Thie

    Journeyman Knife to be auctioned at Blade

    Hello All As many of you know, the ABS auctions several knives at the Blade show. One of these knives is billed the Journeyman Knife of the Year. I am the maker of the 2010 Journeyman knife that will be auctioned at Blade Show and wanted to share it with you. The blade is ~12 1/4"...
  2. Brian Thie

    Damascus Coffin Handle

    Hello All This is a knife that I just finished up. I will have it at the Arkansas show this weekend. The blade is 8.2" long and overall of 13.1". The guard and butt are stainless with a sterling silver ferrule. The handle is blackwood. Thanks for looking Brian
  3. Brian Thie

    Hello from Iowa

    Hi all I am a part time maker from South East Iowa. I wont go into a bunch of detail about me (for that, I invite you to my web site) other than I am glad to be here. Brian