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    Handle reshape?

    I would just round over that bottom corner without changing the overall profile. It wil take the sharp corner off and yet still give lots of control in use.
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    San Mai Camp Chopper

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    Biohazard Outbreak Response Blade, Short

    Nice work James!!! I think the forging division deserves a round of applause!
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    Liner Lock With Copper and Dyed Burl

    Beautiful work Brandant. The scales are amazing.
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    King Limestone's Fire

    As always Jeremiah beautiful work...I to am curious about the name.
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    Veterans Hospitals Turning Medical Records Over to the FBI.

    Thanks for posting this as people need to know how veterans of this country are treated. I am a veteran myself and every time I think back to the doctors screening recruits getting ready to leave for basic training (Army) I can't bring myself to go to a veterans hospital for treatment...
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    Show etiquette for my first show

    Great Advice Ed...thanks for always providing useful input.
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    On the Back Burner

    I occasionally get stuck on a project and just can't figure out the appropriate steps to finish it aesthetically. When I hit that point I just put it away and may sometimes do two or three more projects to completion before taking a look at it again. Usually at that point something in my...
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    Poor man's nail nick

    Magnificent...thanks for posting that.
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    First experience with a grinding disc and belt

    I've been forging and grinding blades for six years now and I still get an occasional raspberry.
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    Elk Tine Bowie

    Beautiful Wade
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    Hello...I'm new here...a few of my Neo-tribal attempts

    I like them both...look to be very handy.
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    A Big Integral Bush

    Beautiful Tai...I love the flowing lines on this one.
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    Simple and clean...very nice Jeremiah.
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    Tabletop Hydraulic Press

    Here is a good source of info for you guys.
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    Arabian Black Gold Bowie

    The word that comes to my mind Bruce is ...breathtaking.
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    Poor Man's surface grinder

    Great idea Ken and one I will soon put to use. Thanks for sharing.
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    Tabletop Hydraulic Press

    I used the same tubing to make a small press based on a Air/Hydraulic Jack. More for proof of concept than anything. Concept being that I could actually make Damascus in my little shop. It works just fine but a little slow since my compressor is not very big. I subscribed to this thread...
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    Forged hunter- All blacked out

    John your work is always a pleasure to see...your precision and attention to detail keep me striving to better my skills at every step. Thank you for posting your work as the inspiration of makers like you make us all better. Don McNeil