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  1. Eddie Mullins

    Paragon E9AX used value / reviews

    Thanks. My wife does jewelry also so that made it a little more tempting, but we decided to pass.
  2. Eddie Mullins

    Paragon E9AX used value / reviews

    I just found a use Paragon E9AX for $225, looks like new but is loser model and missing thermocouple. Just looking for feedback on cost and suitability for small HT oven.
  3. Eddie Mullins

    New Welding Forge WIP

    Thanks! I plan to build at some point soon and debating blown vs aspirated, this seems like a very straight forward, design.
  4. Eddie Mullins

    New Welding Forge WIP

    Thanks for the detailed build info and pics! I was wondering if you could provide more detail on the 3" concentric pipes in the burner. Just eyeballing , it looks like about a 1 inch and 3/8 inch pipe with 1/4 inch spacers inside of the 1 1/2" burner pipe?
  5. Eddie Mullins

    A Couple New Mousers

    Those look great. Thanks for sharing your techniques.
  6. Eddie Mullins

    Hardness tester - use and accuracy on forged blades?

    Ed - Thanks for the reply, you took this where I was hoping you would. I agree that performance is the ultimate goal. I think hardness testing is simply an instant measure of one attribute, that makers and buyers can use as a point of comparison. There isn't a standard performance measure for...
  7. Eddie Mullins

    Hardness tester - use and accuracy on forged blades?

    That seems to be the consensus from all sources. So unless I am missing something, this basically renders the test useless on a forged blade. What then should a blade smith do for evaluating their blade? performance/cutting tests? hardness test files?
  8. Eddie Mullins

    Hardness tester - use and accuracy on forged blades?

    Thanks, I have looked at them also, but my question isn't so much about which tester to buy, but are hardness tests accurate for forged bevels since they are not flat? For those who are looking to buy, Enco has 25% off and free shipping sales occasionally, they had one yesterday, so to your...
  9. Eddie Mullins

    Hardness tester - use and accuracy on forged blades?

    I am considering buying a hardness tester at some point, but as I primarily forge blades, I am wondering if it is even a worthwhile investment. From what I can understand, the reading is only accurate on flat surfaces. As I will forge in the initial bevel, I am wondering if I could even test the...
  10. Eddie Mullins

    Knives from band saw blades

    I got a couple of industrial metal band saw blades to see if they would make decent knives. I did an oil quench and they broke like glass, across the full width of the blade. I like to forge but they are just too thin, about .045 and .035 if I recall correctly. They do however grind so easily I...
  11. Eddie Mullins

    First frame handle - 21 inch Bowie

    Thanks to those that replied to my earlier post. This is the end result, a 21" OAL frontier style bowie, left rusting looking per customer request. It was forged from 5160, 15 1/2" blade, mild steel...
  12. Eddie Mullins

    How many of you guys use a coal forge?

    I have and use coal forges. I do more general blacksmithing than bladesmithing but do forge knives. I started with coal for many of the reasons you mentioned, I am a member of BOA by the way, just in the other corner of the state. At some point I plan to add a gas forge because propane does have...
  13. Eddie Mullins

    Acraglas Instructions

  14. Eddie Mullins

    Acraglas Instructions

    I recently changed to Acraglas and am putting together my 2nd knife with it, unfortunately, I misplaced the instructions : ( . I remembered to mix at a 1:4 ratio and stir for 4 minutes, but could not recall the cure time(s). The gel instructions are available to download but I can not find the...
  15. Eddie Mullins

    Butcher knife design critique and suggestions

    Calvin's pattern looks like a dandy to me. Aside from hunting all of my life, I worked for a deer processor during high school and college, and have literally cut up hundreds of deer. You want a boning knife, not a wide chefs knife. No need to reinvent the wheel, form follows function, take a...
  16. Eddie Mullins

    My Website is practically all new.

    It looks great and I also like the mouse over gallery. I agree with your son more equipment pics would be nice, action / in use pics would be great. I'm sure you have a waiting list, but I didn't notice any area for available knives or tools. A link to your sons engraving service could be added...
  17. Eddie Mullins

    Correcting post quench warp during temper

    Just thought I'd share my method for correcting warp post quench. I have done this before and am currently doing so on my longest knife to date, a forged 5160, 1/4" thick, 1 1/2" wide, 15 1/2" blade. After the first 2 hour temper cycle I start applying 3 point pressure to correct through...
  18. Eddie Mullins

    My own hunter for this deer season...

    Congrats on the deer, maybe you will be able to keep this knife around for a few more, she's a beauty.
  19. Eddie Mullins

    Need Reccomnedations for a Guard on a Full Tang

    Well now you have gone and given me a whole new path to venture down, thanks, I think! LOL. I did a full size, 20 inch +/- drawing of the knife this weekend, I don't think I realized what I have gotten myself into, but am looking forward to the challenge.