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    Latest acquisition. 100lb hammer

    With fall work almost done I can dedicate a little time to finishing my forging setup. Need to construct my forging press and build a larger forge. Optimistically be good to go by mid January.
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    Just another slippie.

    :nothing:I only built three knives all winter. This being last. Damascus by me under the guidance of someone that knows considerably more than I do. Great experience. I'm pretty optimistic that I'll be set up to forge in my own shop by next winter.
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    25lb Little Giant followed me home.

    Not sure if I should admit that I only paid 400 dollars for this. A few days ago a friend told me that the fire department in a neigboring town was going to auction of some donated items from an old blacksmith shop. He had contacted the person in charge and was informed that there was going to...
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    Let's see your forging presses.

    Gathering up tools to start making Damascus. 50lb Little Giant found and bought. Now I am in need of a press. Seems to be a shortage of pictures on the Internet. I am interested in the various designs and pros and cons of each. Flow rates, motor hp, and cylinder sizes appreciated. I am not sure...
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    A question for fellow slip joint makers.

    Alright might open a can of worms here. I am looking for more experienced makers thoughts on relieving liners and pivot bushings. My concerns would be lack of support for the blade tang with relieved liners. As for the pivot bushing my concern would be the limited amount of metal left around the...
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    Latest distraction. Experimenting

    This project isn't at all what I intended to build. Trial by fire. It turned out alright. My resist for my etch didn't quite hold up. Everything I build is just practice for the next go round.
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    Wharncliffe. Not perfect but nice.

    Hollow ground. Culpepper ivory color bone scales. 3 1/4 closed. 5 3/4 open. Wicked sharp little knife. Might have to keep this one.
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    Anvil repair

    I have a Peter Wright anvil that weighs a little over three hundred pounds. The face is in good shape but the edges and hardy hole are a little worse for wear. I have done some research but would like some thoughts or considerations of those that may have repaired on anvils.
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    First two blade.

    All right first two blade. Finally got Internet at the cabin. Been anxious to post these. Also got caught by a tv crew last spring. Goes to show you they'll put anybody on tv.
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    Advice on multi blade slippies

    I was wondering if any of you could share any info that would help with the construction of multiple blade slipjoints. I believe I have it worked out in my head but that's not saying to much. Any info would be appreciated.
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    Knife For Mr. Douglas

    If your part of the saddle making community particularly out west you are familiar with the name Bob Douglas. He has some of the finest leather working tools available. Also being a very respected saddle maker himself. I was very pleased when he asked me to make a knife for him. Though not...
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    latest build using old world tool.

    Haven't posted in some time. Haven't built too many knives either. 2012 was a terrible year as far as drought. Worked our tails off keeping livestock on feed what little of that there was. Blessed with a new son on my birthday back in November. Between that a filling other custom orders knives...
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    Does this count. It folds. First razor build.

    Having used a straight razor for 10 or 12 years and needing a new one in a desperate way this is this is the result. Having searched the internet for useful information on building a razor I emailed a Mr. Charles Lewis. He was kind enough to answer a few of my questions. The following is the...
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    Tenth slipjoint first damascus

    Boy its been a busy January. First week I spent a few days in Idaho with silversmith Dave Alderson. That was a humbling experience. Had a great time. I have lots of practice ahead of me. Spent time learning how to do some push engraving and may have got a little distracted in the evenings...
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    plain with a touch of class.

    Inlayed copper on steel bolsters. Simple but looks good. 3.5 inches closed. Any insights. Sorry about the picture quality. I forgot to mention I tried something new. I hot punched the nail nick. Took about three heats to get it to depth. I believe I like it better because it undercuts the upper...
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    Looking for constructive criticism on 3rd slipjoint.

    I am new to the forum. Thought maybe I could get some feedback on my slipjoint. 3rd completed. Not a knifemaker by any means. I just enjoy a challenge. Designed from scratch.