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  1. BrandonM

    154cm Camp Knife

    10.375" OAL 5.5" Blade 154cm Blade Material G10 Handle Material, Black/OD Green Kydex Sheath/Small Tek-lok
  2. BrandonM

    154cm hunter.

    Something a bit different for me. A hunting knife for a friend. 154cm with olive drab micarta scales. I really need to upgrade from my Craftsman 2"x42" to step up my game to the next level. Oh well, one day...
  3. BrandonM


    Here's another Roughneck in 1095. OD green and black G10 handle material.
  4. BrandonM

    Miller Knife Works, Roughneck Field size.

    OAL 9.5" Blade 4.75" 1095 Black and Gray G-10 Flared lanyard tube Cerakote finish
  5. BrandonM

    ceracote question

    Should you ceracote a knife prior to handle scales, and will epoxy stick to ceracote if you do? Can you rough up ceracote with sand paper? I've never used the stuff. Thanks.
  6. BrandonM

    1095 3/16" field knife.

    1095 3/16" thickness Full flat grind Black G10 Gray spacers Approx. 9" OAL Kydex sheath with teklock Finish is 2 coats of mustard and cold blue. buffed out with steel wool.
  7. BrandonM

    My Cheap Craftsman Belt Grinder

    I wanted to share what I use for a belt grinder. It's a Craftsman 2X42. I made a few simple mods to enhance it's greatness. I didn't have the money to buy a nice grinder, and still don't, but I didn't want to wait on making knives either. I know I'm not the first to use the Craftsman. I just...
  8. BrandonM

    Miller Knife Works, Roughneck

    Roughneck 1095hc Steel 3/16" thickness 3.75" blade length 8" overall length Black and Orange G-10 Corby bolt fasteners Acid etched patina Kydex sheath with Teklock Razor sharp
  9. BrandonM

    1095 hardness?

    What is a good hardness on 1095 that will be used as a daily carry type knife? 3/16 thickness of stock. It's not a large knife or a chopper. Thanks.
  10. BrandonM

    1095 supplier question

    Where would you go to get 1095 cold rolled annealed steel in a sheet or quantity conducive for waterjetting? I'm thinking about pricing it out to see if I can save some time for a little money. Just not sure where to start looking. What is the typical price to have a knife blank waterjetted...
  11. BrandonM

    Makers Mark

    Who do you guys have make your makers mark stencils for you? Do you do it yourselves? What are the costs? I have some ideas and need a stencil made. Thanks guys.
  12. BrandonM

    Question about pigment in epoxy

    What do you guys use to pigment your 2 part epoxies? Anything to stay away from? I've seen some stuff online, just wondered if there was anything commonly used.
  13. BrandonM

    Brandon Miller Knife Maker Extraordinaire!!!

    Extraordinaire may be to strong of a word. How about "Brandon Miller, knife maker who sucks slightly less with each new blade"? I've only made a few now, 3 1/2 total, and am quite enjoying it. I am learning to free hand my flat grinds on a Craftsman 2x42 belt sander. That's challenging. I plan...
  14. BrandonM

    First real knife.

    I've made 3 knives total now. This is the least terrible one to date, and also the only one I ever really finished. It started out as a 2" X 3/16" strap of 1095 high carbon steel. and I spent about 10 or so hours turning it into this. Blade Length - 3.75" Overall length - 8.125" Stainless...
  15. BrandonM

    New guy from Oklahoma.

    It seems like I heard about you guys maybe a year or two ago from either Bill Coye or Chris Martin on I never put a lot of effort into knife making then, but am thinking of trying to make a few nice pieces for the Holiday's as gifts. I picked up a couple of pieces of 1095 high...