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    Jesse James

    Hey Bruce!! I get up at 1am because I can't sleep for the projects running through my head. Start surfing the net and find you posting that I am stubborn!!! LOL!!!!! :lol: That's actually one of the nicer things said about me and my work on damascus gun barrels. I'm building a pistol right...
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    KCKA Shop Tour, April 12, 2014

    Our next Shop Tour will be at Phil Evans' shop, in Columbus, KS. The date is April 12, 2014. We'll start with the demos around 10am. Demos will be: Basic blacksmith forging, by Billy Helton Forging and heat treating shop tools, by Jim Bevan Basically, we're going to have a day of...
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    Great shop tour and A couple of knives I finished last year.

    Great looking knives Phil!! Harvey's shop tour was a good one! There were 23 in attendance. The next Shop Tour will be at Phil Evan's shop on April, 12th.
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    Damascus Cut-N-Shoot

    Thanks for the compliments!! This was an extremely challenging and stressful build. But, it was also the most fun project that I have ever done! Using it to fire a ball through a pine board was amazing!! Mike, this is actually the simplest of damascus patterns that was used in gun...
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    Damascus Cut-N-Shoot

    This is the first combination weapon that I have built. The completed piece was test fired on April 22, 2013. Except for the top jaw screw, all of the damascus parts are made of 1084 and 15N20 steel. The top jaw screw is 1084 and 1018 steel. Below are some photos that I took in my studio and...
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    Matchlock Axe/Pistol

    Flintlocks and matchlocks are both a pain in the butt in windy or rainy weather. :9: I had a great time visiting with you guys too!!!!
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    New to Kansas

    Rich, You can probably soften the tang area of the blade so that you can use a high speed steel drill bit, by heating the tang to a blue color. You probably should heat the tang three or four times, to make sure you get it softened well. As your material is fairly thin, a propane torch may be...
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    Matchlock Axe/Pistol

    Bruce, She's looking really good!! I'm anxious to see the pattern in the barrel after you etch it. SEROUSLY; these pieces take a tremendous amount of time to build! I don't think most people can comprehend how much time went into the construction, when they are looking at the finished...
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    Damascus Gun Barrel

    Thanks Brad, Sorry for the super slow response. Been a little busy around here. I'm building a cut-n-shoot. I figured that it would be weird if a guy who was a bladesmith and also a gunsmith didn’t build a cut-n-shoot. The project is basically a flintlock pistol, with a bowie blade on...
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    Damascus Gun Barrel

    I thought that I would post up the results of a damascus project that I have been working on. I have successfully made and test fired a twist damascus gun barrel. Accomplishing the making of this barrel has been a major challenge. I have spent two years of research and literally months of shop...
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    Matchlock Axe/Pistol

    Oh, man….. That sucks, right there.
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    Matchlock Axe/Pistol

    Bruce, I'm enjoying watching your build. You really have to be able to think in 3D to make things like this.
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    3rd HEARTLAND BLADESMITHING SYMPOSIUM & KNIFE SHOW October 6 and 7, 2012 Offered by the American Bladesmith Society, Inc. & Hosted by the Kansas Custom Knife Maker's Association Location: Washburn Institute of Technology 5724 S. W. Huntoon Street, Topeka, Kansas 66604 This Expo is for...
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    Steve Culver MS - San Francisco style Bowie w/ Silver sheath

    Thanks for all of the compliments on the knife!! Buddy sure did a great job with the photo! Lawrence, I'm not the Marine. I have been surprised by how many guys that I have met, or heard of that had the same name as me. I once had a representative of my auto insurance company call and ask...
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    Random Pattern/African Blackwood

    Lookin' good Steve! Nice W-pattern in the guard. The sheath is really great. Did you make it?
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    Subhilt figther

    Very nice Dave!! That’s a tough blade to grind on a flat platen. You done good!!
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    Searles/Fowler Bowie Reproduction

    Thanks for the compliments guys! This project took me WAY longer to build than I expected. I wanted to have it ready for the Blade Show and couldn't complete it in time. Working on the Searles put me way behind in the shop and delayed my starting a project that I have been wanting to build...
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    2nd HEARTLAND BLADESMITHING SYMPOSIUM & KNIFE SHOW October 1st and 2nd, 2011 Offered by the American Bladesmith Society, Inc. Hosted by Kansas Custom Knifemakers Association at Washburn Institute of Technology Building D702 5724 SW Huntoon Street Topeka, Kansas 66604...
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    Searles/Fowler Bowie Reproduction

    Blade Length: 9 1/8" OAL: 14 1/8" Blade Steel: 1095 Handle Material: African Blackwood Knife Fittings: Nickel/silver, sterling silver pins in handle, 24k gold inlay in blade spine. Sheath Fittings: Nickel/Silver