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  1. Benr.t

    Tokyo Toothpick Revisited

    Yes I did. Look forward to seeing you soon!
  2. Benr.t

    Tokyo Toothpick Revisited

    Thanks! No, I just was playing with some carving on this one.
  3. Benr.t

    Tokyo Toothpick Revisited

    Hey guys! I just finished up this fighter I'll be bringing with me to the OKCA show next weekend (April 13th-14th) here in Eugene. This bad guy features a nearly 10.5" CPM 3V blade with an antique finish. The Zirc guard has my humble attempt at some carving a rustic style skull to match the...
  4. Benr.t

    Battle Tanto with Antique menuki

    I've been playing around with some more traditional color pallets on my handles. Paired with some very detailed gold/silver and copper antique menuki, I think this one came out just right! 8.5" CPM 3V blade with a deep fuller make for a deceivingly lively blade with the balance point just 3/4"...
  5. Benr.t

    CPM 3V Ko-Katana

    All of them. : )
  6. Benr.t

    CPM 3V Ko-Katana

    Hey everyone! I happy to present my newest blade. This one is my longest sword to date (new longer kiln!!). The sword features a wide 22" long CPM 3v blade with my high performance ht and Cryo. The deep fuller and flat grind lend to a balance point only 2" in front of the tsuba/guard. It has an...
  7. Benr.t

    Coffin Handle fighters

    Hey guys! I finished these up last week and I finally got around to editing the pics. One is a hybrid I call the "Tokyo Toothpick" and the other is a rendition of Mr. Bagwells Hells Belle. Both feature 11" 3V blades, All titanium fittings and antique black micarta handles. They have a nice...
  8. Benr.t

    Arachnophobia {Old School Fighter}

    It's inspired by some makers knives in the 80's, that's old school for me. : )
  9. Benr.t

    Arachnophobia {Old School Fighter}

    Hey guys. This is a style I have been wanting to play with for a while and I finally made the time to do it. The 8" plus blade is CPM 3V and shaving sharp on both sides. The handle features a one of kind antique menuki which is a spider perched on his web. This thing is wicked sharp and...
  10. Benr.t

    M3.V2 fighter versions

    I've been playing around with variations of my M3.V2. It solid basic fighting knife. All killer no filler. New dagger version.... Sawback... Standard double edge...
  11. Benr.t

    Hybrid subhilt Kraiken fighter

    Its from mcmaster carr.
  12. Benr.t

    M3.V2 trench knives and my new Double Universal shoulder rig

    Hey guys, I just finished up the first batch of double carry Universal blade rigs. They were requested by a number of people and I listened. The nice thing is that if you only want to carry on one side, you still with the included adapter. Anyway, here are a couple videos of me talking about...
  13. Benr.t

    Hybrid subhilt Kraiken fighter

    I just finished this one off fighter. It is an extended hybrid version of my kraiken model and a Vorpal. This is not a vorpal, but it does have a similar handle. The 7 3/4" blade is .227" CPM 3V and has sculpted green micarta scales with red G10 liners. The flared tubes are stainless steel...
  14. Benr.t

    2017 KD Members Choice Awards - KITCHEN KNIVES

    Here is one I made last year. Unagisaki (Eel knife) with shop made Rag micarta
  15. Benr.t

    Unagisaki and Deba

    I don't make many kitchen knives and almost all of them go to Eatingtools in Brooklyn. Here are a couple I made in 2017 for him. A Deba and a less common Unagisaki, which is used specifically for filleting/butchering eel. They are both CPM 3V, chisel ground with hollow backsides. The thick...
  16. Benr.t

    Kissaki-Moroha-Zukuri Tanto...

    My Phone. In the shade. : )
  17. Benr.t

    Kissaki-Moroha-Zukuri Tanto...

    ....Say that 3 time fast. :) This is based on a traditional, although uncommon, blade design. It is one I have been wanting to try for a long time. I made this tanto and am finishing a wakizashi size one as well. Oal is 14" with a 9" blade. The steel is .285" CPM 3V with my high performance...
  18. Benr.t

    Wakizashi and tanto

    Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a bit. Been a pretty busy summer, but that is a good thing. Here are a few of my recent projects that I am pretty happy with. All in CPM 3V. 16" blade wakizashi with lots of Sori A nice 8" Kanmuri Otash tanto Slim/Light tanto in acid wash w/ Titanium...
  19. Benr.t

    Kanmuri Otashi tanto (Tendick - Williams Blade Design)

    Hey guys, here is the other recently completed Williams project. This one is a 12" blade, Unokubi Zukuri tanto in CPM 3V. It is based on a traditional, although not extremely common blade style. It is similar to a Kanmuri Otashi style blade, but it leaves more steel to reinforce the tip. Here...
  20. Benr.t

    Vorpal V-1A {3V and white micarta}

    Just finished this guy up. Vorpal V-1A with some awesome white linen micarta. The blade is 10" of CPM 3V with my custom high performance heat treat. It has a Tom Maringer style front exit sheath meant to be carried via a shoulder harness. I am still in the process of getting the harness's...