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  1. Freds Edge

    A Walnut score

    A chunk of Walnut from my nephew , its been sitting in his garage foe a number of years,
  2. Freds Edge

    San Mia mistake

    Dropped my billet and restacked it incorrectly, wrought iron, wrought iron,1095 = no edge
  3. Freds Edge

    Radius platen for s grind

    This is a 22'' radiused platen for S grinds on kitchen knives. Just a point of interest.
  4. Freds Edge

    Grinding Belt Hoarding

    I was wondering if others are afflicted with this malady, I have belts that seem to predate the Roman Empire.
  5. Freds Edge

    Medium Kitchen Knife

    This is a medium kitchen knife with a San Mia blade made from Wrought Iron outer and a 1095 center.
  6. Freds Edge

    Wrought Iron

    I am looking for some wrought iron, if anyone has a source to share, I would be appreciate it.
  7. Freds Edge

    Twist Hunter

    Twist Damascus Hunter, Cherry handle, blade 4.5'' 1084 & 15n20
  8. Freds Edge

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all my fellow Knife Dogs
  9. Freds Edge

    Anvil for sale

    155 lb Peter Wright very good condition
  10. Freds Edge

    Small Hunter

    Small Hunter with a 4" blade and an old oak handle
  11. Freds Edge

    Aid to guard fitting

    I saw this on a MR Biguas youtube channel . made one and found it very helpful when shaping the guard..
  12. Freds Edge

    Handle Work

    A little Tru-Oil
  13. Freds Edge

    Disk Grinder Done

    Disk grinder is done , bevel disk from Boss
  14. Freds Edge

    Disk Grinder

    I think I see a new disk grinder in my future.
  15. Freds Edge

    Have not posted in a while ,

    Have not posted in a while but here is my latest project . I like to do one off knives but our local Fire Chief wanted 10 knifes all the same then he upped it to 20 , I agreed but never again too boring .
  16. Freds Edge

    disk grinder

    Its time to add a disk grinder to the shop and I am looking for some input , have you built your own or purchased one . I have a HF and it runs like a HF.
  17. Freds Edge

    Finished Oak handled Damascus Utility

    Finally have this done , have a small billet left that's going to be a hunter.
  18. Freds Edge

    Final glue up , oak handle.

    This is my final glue up with an Oak handle. As you can see I use a dummy pin that is lubed for easy removal , after the epoxy sets I will remove the pin and replace it with a domed pin. ,
  19. Freds Edge

    Ohio Spirit of the Blade Show

    The Spirit of the Blade Show is the first weekend of March in Troy,Oh , I had a great time there in 2019 and would encourage any one within driving distance to attend . I am not able to attend this year because of a hip replacement the first part of Feb.
  20. Freds Edge

    Christmas Eve emergency

    My Gus came down with bloat Christmas Eve and had to rush him to the emergency vet in Toledo Oh for surgery . This came on with no warning and he may need your prayers.