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  1. Freds Edge

    A Walnut score

    A chunk of Walnut from my nephew , its been sitting in his garage foe a number of years,
  2. Freds Edge

    San Mia mistake

    That would be Mai
  3. Freds Edge

    San Mia mistake

    Dropped my billet and restacked it incorrectly, wrought iron, wrought iron,1095 = no edge
  4. Freds Edge

    Large run of Chefs

    I have done only one multi piece knife design (30 units), I used the folks at NJ Steel Barron's waterjet service and was very pleased.
  5. Freds Edge

    Radius platen for s grind

    I have not done the S grind, so I am expecting a learning curve.
  6. Freds Edge

    Radius platen for s grind

    This is a 22'' radiused platen for S grinds on kitchen knives. Just a point of interest.
  7. Freds Edge

    Grinding Belt Hoarding

    I don't grind with my older belts, I cut them up for hand sanding or keep them around for company.
  8. Freds Edge

    Grinding Belt Hoarding

    I was wondering if others are afflicted with this malady, I have belts that seem to predate the Roman Empire.
  9. Freds Edge

    Medium Kitchen Knife

    This is a medium kitchen knife with a San Mia blade made from Wrought Iron outer and a 1095 center.
  10. Freds Edge

    Wrought Iron

    Sorry about that you are correct, I went back and looked at Ebay and there it was. In the interim I got a call from a local Blacksmith shop that's going out of buss and has a few bars so paying him a call tomorrow to look at the bars and to see what else he may have. he has not sold off anything...
  11. Freds Edge

    Wrought Iron

    High temp tools returned my email and stated that they no longer have a source. I have looked on Ebay with no luck.
  12. Freds Edge

    Wrought Iron

    I will let you know what I find out.
  13. Freds Edge

    Wrought Iron

    Thanks for the info, guys, I have an email off to High Temp Tools.
  14. Freds Edge

    Wrought Iron

    I am looking for some wrought iron, if anyone has a source to share, I would be appreciate it.
  15. Freds Edge

    My new 2x72

    The same as picked up just before the holidays, I love the machine, its tracking and tilt to 90 degrees are very smooth and the people at Beaumont are great to deal with.
  16. Freds Edge

    Twist Hunter

    Twist Damascus Hunter, Cherry handle, blade 4.5'' 1084 & 15n20
  17. Freds Edge

    Looking for opinions on grinders

    I have been looking and settled on the KMG TX , I am very happy, excellent quality.
  18. Freds Edge

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all my fellow Knife Dogs
  19. Freds Edge

    Small Hunter

    Small Hunter with Sheath