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  1. Bladewarrior

    Bad bits or work hardened steel?

    I've been drilling holes in my tang to balance the weight. The 1/4" holes were no sweat, but the last 3/8" hole was a mother bear. I went and got a new bit suspecting that to be the problem. But two drill buts later it just won't cut all the way thru. I got a little impatient(frustrated), and...
  2. Bladewarrior

    CRKT rocks

    Hello fellow knife enthusiasts recently I wrote a bad review on about the M16 tanto folder. I was using it at work and the liner lock got over extended in the handle past the end of the bottom part of the blade. After posting my review I was contacted by CRKT and they offered to give...
  3. Bladewarrior

    Steel blade with a cherry carbon on top?

    How do they bond the carbon-fiber to blade steels????? Does anybody know if it's adhesive or if they fuse 'em together with heat or is it just a magical spell? I recently got a Berreta Avenger designed by Warren Thomas and this question has been killin me ever since. :o I'm tired of losing...
  4. Bladewarrior

    Finish on Micarta?

    I was wondering if there are any oils/ waxes or polish that you guys would recommend to keep the micarta from getting scuffed up and stained. Thanks for the help guys.