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  1. Chris Martin

    Blue/black G-10 scales

    I am in need of a set of scales in Blue/Black G-10 I need them as close to .250 as possible. I cant seem to find any scales, just sheets. I can buy outright or trade. I have several flavors of G-10. Dark Earth Coyote Foliage OD Green Grey Black Blaze Orange Black-Tan Thanks, Chris
  2. Chris Martin

    Irish Woods

    Hey fellas, I was wondering what Irish woods would be suitable for a knife handle? My son Devin was just born on the 28th and I want to celebrate by making a blade in his name!:biggrin: Any idears my brothers and sisters? Thanks all, Chris
  3. Chris Martin

    WTS-WTT Reese Weiland Saber Claw #03

    **GONE** I have had some pretty awesome trade offers on this RW, so I figured I would put it out there and see what else may be lurking out there:thumbup: $440 shipped, or trade. I will + cash for the right pistol. Trades: Not looking for any other cals than .45acp...
  4. Chris Martin

    Mike Miller....Good dude!

    I had a chance to meet Mike Miller today of Chandler, OK. I needed a quick heat treat on some D2 and Mike stepped up to the plate. He even hand delivered them today. It was a pleasure meeting with you, Mike. Next time we will have to make it a day and show me some tricks of the trade! I also...
  5. Chris Martin

    925 SS Curb Link chain for Micarta-G-10??

    I know its a long shot. I am about to order a new skull head chain and figure I would retire this one. I was thinking maybe some of your Damascus guys might have a use for it in a billet? My chain is 925 SS: 5/16" curb links 19" OAL The clasp does not lock spring shut anymore, but I still...
  6. Chris Martin

    Handle Material GAW

    ETA: Our winner for my first GAW is, Post #24-Archer Moon, please contact me with your info bud. ETA: A couple lanyards are being stuffed in the box as I type. Courtesy of Brian AKA Frstr8!!!!! Thanks, B!!!! ETA: Found a nice 1.5" x 2.5" x 5" piece of Burl and I will go ahead and throw...
  7. Chris Martin

    My first K-bit

    Well, after admiring Richard Derespina's K-bit's for god knows how long know. I decided it was time to try one out. I now see why not a lot of makers do them. It was VERY difficult for me, specially being a Rookie. But I think for my first go at it I did just fine. This is going to one of our...
  8. Chris Martin

    Okies buckle up

    Might be a wild one...I know some of you guys are already headed for shelter. Stay safe out there:eek: I am looking out west toward Pond Creek, Nardin and Blackwell.....Looks nasty.......Heading our way, looks as though we might get clipped. Good thing most of us have our shops in the...
  9. Chris Martin

    Damascus etching problems

    Ok, not really a huge problem. But I cannot get a good even etch. I got this billet from Clint AKA Ironarm. I absolutely love the patterns, but I feel I am not doing it justice with my etch. This is the first time ever etching. I used 3 parts distilled water to 1 part Ferric. I sanded the...
  10. Chris Martin

    Show me your grinder bench

    Ok, Dogs. The time has come and I have a new grinder on its way2thumbs My Coote has been good to me, but I am now more than ready to put work in with the new grinder! I am already thinking up what type of bench I want. I have narrowed it down to a small bench dedicated to the new grinder...
  11. Chris Martin

    Knives 5 & 6

    Just finished up two more Entry Tools. I had Dave cut me 6 blanks from my first blade design and it was off from there!!! The Random Urban Desert variant is going to one of our troops. He will be taking it with him back to the sand box in October. I am working on a K-Bit as a gift to take with...
  12. Chris Martin

    Wilton Square Wheel

    Tell me how you like your Wilton Square Wheels. Pics a plus!!! I have a lead on one for VERY cheap and really considering it. It is the old school model and comes with flat platen and small wheel attach. I know Ed modded his and is a very sturdy and reliable machine. If I do get it, I may put...
  13. Chris Martin

    Dryer Outlet

    Morning Dogs, Got another newb question for you. How many of you makers have taped into your dryer outlet/220V and ran your grinder off of it? I have been having power issues down in the dungeon and will be moving the shop upstairs to the garage area. All of my power downstairs is...
  14. Chris Martin

    Ceramic Kiln Mods?

    Hey Dogs, I have a chance at a ceramic kiln. Its a top loader model...yeah I know:eek:, but for what he is asking I think I cant pass it up. Plus he is willing to deliver it:D I have read people cutting a hole in the top of the lid to drop the steel down and cover with Kaowool or...
  15. Chris Martin

    Need some skulls cut into Buffalo Horn

    I need someone to carve/machine or engrave a couple skulls into some Buffalo Horn for me. The customer wants something along these lines: The scales will be 1/4" x1.5- 2" x 6" If anyone has a hook-up...
  16. Chris Martin

    A couple things

    First up on the list: I need a set of 1/4" x 2" x 8" Black Buffalo Horn Scales for a custom order. A am also looking for an 8"-10" bench top buffer. If anyone has anything close shoot me a PM or email. Even a lead to a set of those scales would be awesome! Largest I have found is 6"...
  17. Chris Martin

    Engraver or a Carver needed

    Hey Dogs, I got my first custom order details pretty much worked out with the customer. Everything is just fine accept he wants a skull engraved or carved into the material. Material used will be either Black Mother Of Pearl, Marbel or polyester type material. Handle length will be around...
  18. Chris Martin

    G-10/G-11 ?

    Ok, Dogs. I am going to try for a Tactical-Hawk. My question is, would G-11 bolted to the steel with loc-tite work for a sturdy handle? I plan on making just the head out of steel/5160 or 6150 and then attaching the head of the Hawk directly to the G-11 material with bolts of some sort. I might...
  19. Chris Martin

    My Wifes Anniversary Gift

    Here is a little something I made for the wife. An early Anniversary, Late Valentines and for carrying my boy in her tummy for me. As you can see, Jr. is growing like a weed already:D After drooling over Martin Olexeys "Six Cleaver" I got inspired to make the wife a blade. I traded Martin for...
  20. Chris Martin

    Its a BOY!!!!

    Just found out we will be having a Boy. I am so excited I can barely sit. The Martin Family name will live forever2thumbs2thumbs2thumbs Now I got to get my butt in gear and start selling some knives to deck Jr out with all the top toys and gear:D Wooooo-Hoooooooo:running dog: That is...