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    Making my first try at damascus !

    This may or may not come out good , but, I'm going to try a blade out of saw chain .( as seen in another post ) . Any tips for a layer steel rookie ? Dan
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    Stamp or Etch ?

    My question is ; which is the best way to go , stamping or electrochemical etching ? I've been leaning toward getting a tang stamp made . Is etching as complicated as it seems ? Also seems to me , I could mess up easier than using a stamp . Next , who is a good source for stamps ...
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    Hammer-ins ?

    Does anyone know of any upcoming hammer-ins around central or northeast Missouri ? I am trying to get started forging , and would like to learn some techniques to forge the best blades I can . Contacts with a few makers would be great , also . Thanks Dan
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    grinder purchase

    I'm looking to get a new grinder to put I'm my new shop , that will be built soon . The question is , has anybody got a Coote grinder . The specs look good , it looks like the chassis will lend itself to modifications . Just wondering about any potential problems Thanks , Dan
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    Round or Square ?

    Which forge shape is the easiest to heat up and maintain heat ? I've been playing around with some stacked firebrick and had mixed results . I was wondering if a round chamber would be more efficient . Dan
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    makers @ St.louis show

    Any makers or vendors going to the Gateway Area Knife Show ?
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    Burner advice ?

    I did some research on burner fabrication , before I made my first . I am using a .035" MIG tip inside a 1 1/2 pipe with about 20 lbs of pressure . It works , but I would like to get the pressure a bit lower , also I would like it to warm up quicker ...
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    whiskey tango foxtrot

    Did Knifedogs get invaded by the Uzbekistan ad bomber , or what ?
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    Missouri clubs ?

    I would like to find a club in or close to northeast Missouri , to find a few fairly local contacts Thanks
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    I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of steel a john deere tractor load control shaft is made of ? I think they are 5160 but I am not sure . I just got my super cheap forge going and I have a couple dozen shafts hoarded up . So far I' ve been grinding from some old combine parts which I've...
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    Hello to all , from northeast Mo .

    Hi everyone . I hope I can pick up up some knowledge . Maybe even pass out some of mine .