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    1st attempt at a "tactical" knife

    well, here goes...this is my first tactical style knife. the blade is from an old sawmill saw blade that I scrounged from a friend. it's triple tempered/quenched/heat treated. handles are od grn/black micarta with alum. corby pins/bolts (from Tracy) w/kydex sheath. MANY THANKS to the BossDog for...
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    Heat treating oven???

    Harbor Freight has a powder coat oven on sale for $399.99 on their web specials page. It goes up to 480 degrees F and has a fan inside to move the hot air w/outside thermometer. Just wondering if this would work for HT...thanks Gene:confused2::confused2::confused2:
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    Knife & Gun Show - Feb 12-13, Wilkesboro, NC

    Dixie Gun & Knife Show Feb 12-13 @ the old Carolina Glove factory off Hwy 268 W in Wilkesboro, NC:happy: